Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

Fifteenth Day of Fourth Month 2018

Present: Ellen Cooney (Clerk), Ann Martin, Kelsey Kennedy (Treasurer), Claire Sheridan, Austin Hawk, Peter LeVar, Linda Seeger, Deneen Crandall, and Ann Daugherty (recording clerk, pro tempore).

We began with silent worship and the reading of the following query: "In our worship and prayers, do we ask the Spirit to help us 'rejoice and be glad in the call to serve those easily forgotten: the unborn, the migrant, the elderly, the destitute, the victims of trafficking and so many others? May we allow God's grace to enlarge our hearts in order that we might find happiness and holiness.

Minutes of the Third Month Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business were approved with the correction of Eighteenth Day of Second Month to Eighteenth Day of Third Month.


The Meeting House Committee

Minutes were accepted. The Exterior Trim painting is nearly complete. The Committee is collecting estimates for the front Juniper removal to allow for easier access and the future installation of a handicap ramp. The ad-hoc committee for discerning whether an addition to the Meeting House should be pursued has not yet been formed. Ellen, Linda, Molly, Kelsey and Ann D. have expressed an interest in being part of this committee. For the remainder of April, Ellen will have custody of our phone 719-232-1853. Ann M. has volunteered to monitor the phone for the Month of May.

The Ministry and Oversight Committee

Minutes were accepted. Two reminders: "I Am Not Your Negro" will be viewed at the Meeting House, April 25, 2018 at 6:00 PM. Soup and Worship Sharing will be held May 11, 2018. Phil and Lisa will be our hosts. The query offered "How might we as Quakers interact with representatives of white supremacy and hate groups?" was approved by all attending.

The State if the Meeting Report, beautifully written was approved with the modification membership remains stable at 15 not 16.

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Minutes were approved with the corrections of CD to DVD and that the next Meeting will be the last Wednesday in May at the Meeting House. We are able to rent a projector for $75.00 for the Wednesday, April 25^th^ showing of "I Am Not Your Negro. Ellen has acquired the DVD. Kelsey, Claire, Austin and Ann will make calls to see if we might borrow a projector. This will be open to the Public. Claire mentioned that DeAnne Butterfield will be in Colorado Springs May 24 and that this might be a time to plan a Lobbying Workshop rather than after IMYM gathering in June. There was discussion whether or not we time to plan this workshop by May 24. Kelsey and Claire will confer with DeAnne to see what her wishes might be.

We have a least one Friend on the three sub committees of the Sanctuary Coalition. The coalition is soon expecting a request to host a sanctuary guest.

Finance Committee

Kelsey presented the Profit and Loss statement for the first quarter of 2018 and the Balance Sheet as of March 3, 2018. Kelsey noted that the transition has been a little "bumpy". Kelsey stated that we will continue to use Quickbooks. We have changed from the desktop to the cloud version. We will continue to spend about $200 per year for this use. The P & L Statement and Balance Sheet were accepted as presented.

The various Committees' minutes and reports are hereby included by separate documents.

We closed in silent worship.

Ann Daugherty

Recording Clerk

Pro Tempore