Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

Eighteenth Day of Second Month 2018

Present: Ellen Cooney (clerk), Ann Daugherty, Ann Martin, Carlton Gamer, Kelsey Kennedy, Linda Seeger, John Robey, Sue Lauther, Peter LeVar, Molly Wingate, Austin Hawk , Hannah (a visitor) and Lisa Lister (recording clerk).

We began with silent worship and the following query:

Do we find ways to live peacefully in our daily relationships? Do we encourage others to do so through education and example?

The minutes from First Month, 2018, were approved.


Note: The full text of committee minutes are located in the appendices following these minutes.

Meetinghouse Committee

The committee minutes were accepted.

Ann reported on her findings on the cost of Internet and phone. The costs are either $95 or $105 per month depending on the speed. Telephone (with remote access) is $20. There was a discussion about whether we need Internet connectivity and why. It was felt it would be useful for many reasons, including First Day School, and the hosting of regional Quaker meetings.

We will continue to explore these two options:

  1. Kelsey will work with Finance Committee to review whether we can afford this, should we decide to proceed.

  2. Linda Seeger expressed willingness to field phone calls for the Meeting, and will explore the cost to add a second line for this purpose.

Ministry and Oversight Committee

The committee minutes were accepted.

The committee considered the latest draft of the Child Protection Policy, and were concerned about how to fold in current teachers in this application process.

The committee recommends (based on Kenworthy's recommendations in Quakerism: A Study Guide book) that a three person committee be appointed each year to create a State of the Meeting report, which is due to Colorado Regional by May 20. Ann Martin has been writing these for a number of years, and she thinks it is important to give others an opportunity to reflect on the state of the meeting in this manner. This concept and procedural change was approved by the Meeting. Linda and Lisa volunteered to work on this report this year. A third volunteer is welcome, should they feel so moved.

Friends expressed interest in having a workship sharing session this Spring. Details will be forthcoming.

Peace and Social Concerns

The committee minutes were accepted.

Sanctuary News: The Sanctuary Coalition is evaluating its process in hosting its first guest in order to improve in the future. Members of this Meeting involved expressed that relationships within the coalition have been very positive. They continue to meet every other week.

The Meeting approved using the upcoming potluck on March 4 to focus on and identify priorities for Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). A member of Peace and Social Concerns will facilitate this session.

Committee members are looking into how the Meeting can move toward being better allies to people of color. Each member has committed to doing research in different aspects of this important concern, and plan to report back at a future meeting for business. The Committee is looking into whether it is possible to bring Deanne Butterfield to the Meeting to do a workshop on effective lobbying.

Finance Committee

Kelsey reported, that contrary to his expectations, it has not been a smooth bookkeeper transition. Beatrix, after starting as bookkeeper, has had to withdraw from the bookkeeper position due to changes in her life situation. We have now hired Carol Nolan to be our bookkeeper, a very competent bookkeeper, who was also interviewed by the Meeting. Kelsey asks for our patience as this transition is made.

A street ministry contacted Molly about whether we are interested in donating. Because we know nothing about this organization, we were unable to evaluate how to proceed. Ann D. is willing to call this ministry and learn more about it, and see if we want to donate during out local distributions.


First Day School/Safety for children in the Meeting

The draft policy on child protection was presented in hopes of approval and implementation. The policy was discussed, and some changes were proposed, including changing "youth or child care worker" to "First Day School teacher." Ministry and Oversight recommends that current teachers should get a background check, and that the Meeting would keep these on file. We also thought it might be more reasonable and doable if background checks were done on "one of the two adults" present, instead of requiring it of both teachers. There were also concerns that the document be changed from "policy" to "advice," but it was not clear if this was settled. It was decided that this document needs more review, and should be brought back to the next Meeting for Business. Ministry & Oversight was also review proposed changes.


Molly announced the Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) call, and let us all know that this year will be a "pay as you are led" model. This will be the last year at Ghost Ranch. In 2019, IMYM will be held at Fort Lewis College in Durango. Our Meeting, will (along with Mountain View) will be in charge of the children's program in 2020 and 2021.

We closed in silent worship.

In the Light of love and kindness,

Lisa Lister, recording clerk


February 2018 Meeting for Business

Meeting House Committee Minutes

February 12, 2018

Present: Ann Daugherty (clerk), Phil Friesen and Lisa Lister (recorder). Claire Sheridan attended by phone.

Old Business

Storage room

The storage room (by the bathrooms) was cleaned out during the January clean-up Sunday. A number of extraneous items were purged, and the space is now better organized.

Status of drainage from basement to street

Ann Daugherty has inquired with the Regional Building department, and is STILL waiting for a response. She should know by March 1.

Weather stripping windows

Phil Friesen is planning to weather-strip the bottom half of the windows. The cost will be around $30, but he is still trying to locate the right materials.

Pending Business (weather dependent)

Painting of meeting house trim: John Mills (a small, independent painter), has accepted the exterior trim painting job for a sum of $1,850. He will begin work once the weather allows. This was approved at the December 2017 Meeting for Business. The trim color will remain light blue, but may vary slightly from the existing color.

Crawl Space review: We still plan to pull out stuff located in the crawl space under the wooden trap door (in the kitchen area) and review what is there, and whether it should be retained. It is a donation from a deceased former member of the Meeting.

The side garden gate needs some minor repair: Phil will fix it.

Crawl space vapor barrier: We want to look at the crawl space area to see if we should add black plastic vapor barrier over the dirt, which might improve those occasional mystery smells. Kelsey Kennedy and Phil are willing to evaluate the situation and perhaps do the work.

Watering Peace & Justice (tree) and other plantings: During this very dry winter, we need to make sure our plantings are getting enough water. As long as it remains so dry, we plan to water twice a month.

New Business

Internet/phone service for the meeting house

This committee was tasked with getting estimates for how much Internet and/or phone service would cost each month, and to present our findings at the February Meeting for Business for discussion. Ann Daugherty has volunteered to call both Comcast and Century Link to get estimates.

Thermostat in meeting house

When folks arrived for meeting for worship on Sunday, February 11, it was 40 degrees in the building! It took over two hours to bring the temperature up to a comfortable level. The thermostat was somehow turned off. Lisa has volunteered to write up some instructions (the current ones are faded). If you need to change the thermostat (bump the temperature up or down), the instructions will be posted. Please do not change the scheduling or turn the heat off.

Ongoing Reminders

  • After each First Day meeting, please remove all trash and garbage from the building to prevent unpleasant smells. Also please empty the coffee pot and grounds.

  • Thermostats in bathrooms: If the thermostat temperature is turned up, it needs to be returned to its 50 degree setting before locking the bathroom doors.

  • Friends, please do not donate items without checking first with the Meeting House Committee. Because our space is small and shared by all, some donations may cause discord.

  • The last person out of the building needs to double-check that all windows and doors are locked. Some doors have to be closed FIRMLY for the latches to catch.

The committee now meets at 1:30 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. We meet at the meeting house, and all are welcome.

We adjourned following silent worship.

Lisa Lister

Recording Clerk

Ministry and Oversight Committee Minutes, February 12, 2018

Today's meeting at Carlton Gamer's began at 11:00 with Spiritual Silence.

Present were Carlton Gamer, Peter LeVar and Ann Grant Martin, Clerk.

After a brief check-in we reviewed the latest draft of the Child Protection Policy. We appreciate the time and effort that the Religious Education Committee has given to this document. It is well organized and addresses the essential policies needed to protect the children who participate in First Day School.

However, members of M&O are concerned about how long time member/attender First Day teachers can be folded into the application process. We question the necessity of requiring 2 character references, an interview and a background check for these Friends who have proven themselves trustworthy, dedicated teachers. Is there a way to streamline the process?

Our Quakerism 101 class this year is reading Leonard Kenworthy's book, Quakerism A Study Guide on the Religious Society of Friends. On page 98 he points out that a small committee of 3 usually meets to draft the State of the Meeting Report. Members of M&O suggest that the Meeting consider adopting this method of creating our yearly State of the Meeting Report. We note that this committee could be made up of Friends who represent several different committees that are active in our Meeting.

Kenworthy goes on to list topics that may be included in the Report:

The quality of worship and spiritual ministry

Efforts to foster spiritual growth

Stands taken on Friends' principles

Personal and family relations

Relations with community and other religious groups

Participation in general activities of Friends

Significant activities or concerns of the local Meeting

We tallied numbers for the requested IMYM Census.

We ask Friends if they would like to have another evening of Worship Sharing in the Spring and if so, to suggest the topic that is most relevant.

Our next meeting will be at 11:00 on March 14, 2018 at Carlton Gamer’s home.

In the Light of Peace,

Ann Grant Martin, Clerk of the Ministry and Oversight Committee

Minutes of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee Meeting

January 31, 2018

Present: Austin Hawk, Clerk, Claire Sheridan, Molly Wingate and Ann Daugherty, co-recording clerk. John Robey was unable to attend.

Sanctuary Coalition Report:

Following Silent Worship, Ann gave a brief report of "Elmer Tells His Story" held December 6, 2017 at the host church, All Souls Unitarian. The event was well represented by Friends. Two Hundred Fifty Dollars were raised for Elmer's legal fund. Elmer has left sanctuary. The Good news is that he has not been deported. The Sanctuary Coalition continues to meet every other Tuesday to refine and to define our purpose, structure and systems.


Friends Committee on National Legislation noted that 75 years ago in the midst of World War II, Friends came together to create a way to influence the U. S. federal government policies. The Peace and Social Concerns committee is hoping that our community can take part in this nationwide discernment as to what issues FCNL should focus on in the next Congress. Our committee thought this would be perfect for our March Potluck. FCNL is requesting that we respond by April 13, 2018

Each committee member present decided to look more into an action item regarding our meeting moving toward being better allies to people of color. Each person committed to doing some research before the next business meeting so that we can present our ideas at business meeting. Claire will look into the book,Fit for Freedom, not Fit for Friendship. Ann will look into a book about housing discrimination, Molly will look into an AFSC program titled "39 Questions", and Austin will look into the movie, I'm Not Your Negro.

Also, Molly said she would get in touch with her friend Jodie Alyn, the consultant who does diversity training nationally, to get an idea of what she charges for her services. Note: Molly said that she's not cheap.

Molly and Claire have a connection to Deanne Butterfield, who does workshops on lobbying. The P&SC committee is curious if there is any interest by our meetinghouse to host a workshop on effective lobbying? It would combine talking and doing. There is no time-frame for this, but the thinking would be sometime after Yearly Meeting.

Our next P&SC Committee Meeting will be February 28, 2018 at the Meeting House. The time is 6:00 PM.

We adjourned following silent worship


Recording Clerk