25th Day of Sixth Month, 2017


Present were: Ellen Cooney, Ann Grant-Martin, Lisa Lister, Julie Roten-Valdez, Claire Sheriden, Sue Lathrop, Molly Wingate, Ann Daugherty, Kelsey Kennedy, Peter Levar, Austin Hawk, John Robey, Sarah Callbeck.

  1. The Meeting opened with silence and a query from Philadelphia YM Faith and Practice regarding how our Meetings for Worship.

  2. Minutes from the fifth month business meeting were approved.

  3. Ministry & Oversight: a wedding was successfully completed on June 24th. The committee is looking for someone willing to serve as a liaison with the New Zealand Meeting where Deb Gimbleson is clerk, becoming sister Meetings and perhaps serving in this capacity on M&O. The position would involve sharing annual reports and other documents produced by the Meeting including minutes. Deb is a former member of Colorado Springs Meeting and played a strong role in keeping our Meeting together in its early years. The committee reviewed the topic of spoken messages and decided it is best not to advise on this. There is gratitude to Ellen for stimulating a deep and gathered discussion on when does Meeting begin. This is not meant to discourage late arrival which is part the flow of the Meeting. Deepening worship and daily Quaker spiritual practice along with discussion on what happens to me in Meeting for Worship are recommended for worship sharing at a brown bag on the second Sunday in July after the rise of Meeting. Thomas Kelly's article on a kindled heart might be helpful for preparation. The committee will begin making the annual calls to members and attenders in the coming weeks. Committee report was accepted.

  4. Meeting House Committee Report: The sewer project is complete. Extending the drain to the street is yet to be done. We need a professional to complete the painting on the south side of the building as it requires a scaffold. Phil and Lisa have added to our landscaping and removed many, many weeds. We discussed French drains. Committee report was accepted.

  5. Peace and Social Action Committee: The Unitarians voted to add a shower to their building to enable them to host and ask that supportive groups donate $500 toward the project. We are not in a position to give this much as a Meeting, but individual members may wish to make donations. The Meeting did choose to give our quarterly local donation of $100 toward the shower and building project. Rapid response training took place last week and legal observer training will take place soon. We remain committed to examining ourselves for signs of institutional racism. Our next letter writing group writing session is on August 13 and we are seeking a volunteer to coordinate and lead that workshop. Committee report was accepted.

  6. Finance Committee: Two reports were circulated. Cash flow is normalizing but our building reserves and Friend's fiduciary funds are low as the sewer was costly. The check from the city is here and loans will be repaid with interest. Any excess will be returned to depleted funds. Committee report was accepted.

  7. Announcements: We received correspondence from a woman from a ministry of Friends in who wants to talk to anyone interested. Should we invite others in the community? Sarah is having a solar party on July 19th at her house, all are welcome. Molly is ready to not be the phone contact person for the Meeting after 25 years of service and needs someone to take that job over. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording clerk