21st Day of Fifth Month, 2017


Present were: Ellen Cooney, Jeremy Nelson, Lisa Lister, Phil Friesen, Julie Roten-Valdez, Claire Seriden, Molly Wingate, Kelsey Kennedy, Austin Hawk, Brianna Hawk, John Robey, Sarah Callbeck.

  1. The Meeting opened with silence and a query from IMYM gathering regarding how our traditional testimonies guide us on stewarding financial resources and economies.

  2. Minutes from the April business meeting were approved.

  3. Peace and Social Action Committee: is willing to serve as clerk. Yea, yea, yea. Ann and Linda attended the sanctuary meetings, they will vote at the Unitarian congregation about spending money to install a shower and offer sanctuary. A Minute prepared by Mountain View Meeting for FGC regarding supporting an internal audit on institutional racism was shortened and revised by Molly. Our Meeting applauds FCG's action and pledges to examine ourselves in this way. The Meeting approved a Minute from Peace and Social Action committee to be forwarded to Jamie Newton at Peace and Social Concerns. Quaker Quest is on the back burner, FGC has now laid down the model. Letter writing packets and materials are available on top of the bookcase. The next group writing session may be in August. Committee report was accepted.

  4. Meeting House Committee Report: The drainage pipes off the bathroom roof will be replaced with downspouts. We are adding mulch and working to xeriscaping the front of the property. The cost for the sewer was $23,499, we have paid $11,000. There is a crack in the front door frame. We're looking at ways to beautify the chair rack. Last one out please take the trash and add TP to the bathroom if needed. Committee report was accepted.

  5. Ministry & Oversight: did not meet because of Ann's surgery. The committee will review a copy of Boulder Meeting's policy and procedure book on keeping children safe and bring it to this business meeting in the future. In preparing for the upcoming wedding, the committee recognized a need to prepare for some of the finer details in advance and will review this matter as well. Committee report was accepted.

  6. Finance Committee: There is $300 available for travel scholarships to IMYM. We received donations to help with the sewer repair. The $6,500 check from the grant funds arrived. The Meeting authorized the treasurer or finance clerk to issue notes to three individuals for private loans of $2,000 each with interest at the T-bill rate payable in 90 days. We filed a claim for damages with the city of and are hopeful the city will pay us for their share of responsibility in this sewer problem. Committee report was accepted.

  7. Announcements: Pamela Haynes' book Toward a Right Relation with Money is available on line at

  8. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten- Valdez

Recording clerk