Meeting for Worship for Business

February 16, 2017

The meeting opened with silence followed by reading a query on meetings for worship for business from British Faith and Practice. Present were: Ellen Cooney, Julia Roten-Valdez, Sue Lathrop, Melissa Vuto, John Gallagher, Claire Sheridan, Kelsey Kennedy, Lisa Lister, Ann Daugherty, Ann Grant-Martin.

Business meeting minutes for first month were approved

  • Meeting House Committee: Storm drainage and painting plans are ongoing. LED lights in place, covers for chairs cleaned, sewer may need scoping, looking for solution to wind catching door. Report accepted.

  • M&O Committee: Ann Grant-Martin is drafting the State of the Meeting report, input is welcome. Soup and Sharing will be on April 12 @ 6:00 p.m. at Phil and Lisa’s unless it is too crowded. Meeting discussed an interest in assisting John Robey with the cost of a hearing assistance device. Actual financial need is not yet certain. Ann Grant-Martin feels called to teach Quakerism 101 in September using Phillip Kenworthy’s book. Report accepted.

  • Peace and Social Justice Committee: We will have a letter writing project on March 5, 2017 after Meeting and potluck to provide out input to our congressional representatives. Ellen reported on the immigration meeting in Pueblo. There were several volunteers to poll other organizations to learn about their level of involvement.

  • Finance committee: No report secondary to medical problems, but our finances are healthy.

  • IMYM Representatives Committee: John Gallagher reported the Arrangements Committee met in January. Representatives Committee met in February. Representatives Committee is recommending that IMYM use a "pay as led" system for registration in 2018 to see if or how attendance is affected. They are also recommending we stay at Ghost Ranch for 2017 and 2018. They are considering other locations for Yearly Meeting in the future.

    Background checks are being implemented for adults working with children at Yearly Meeting.

New Business:

Bill and Genie Durland’s requests for transfer of membership to Mountain View Meeting were approved with sadness. The clerk will minute it upon receipt of a formal request.

Announcements: We are hosting Colorado Regional here on April 23rd. Please plan to attend and help feed 25 people.

The meeting closed with silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording Clerk