17th Day of Twelfth Month, 2017


Present were: Ellen Cooney, Ann Grant-Martin, Julie Zavage, Julie Roten-Valdez, John Robey, Jeremy Nelson, Sarah Callbeck.

  1. The Meeting opened with silence and a query on Simplicity, Silence and Stewardship.

  2. Minutes from the eleventh month business meeting were approved.

  3. Meeting House Committee Report: The painting contract will be placed for $1,850. The sense of the meeting was to keep some blue color rather than all gray. The back door was left open before today's meeting we are reminded to be sure all is locked up after use. Please ask for Meeting approval before donating items to the Meetinghouse. The committee received a request to consider making Wifi available in our building. Committee report was accepted.

  4. Ministry & Oversight: Friendly calls are complete. Next meeting is on the third Tuesday in January. Committee report was accepted.

  5. Peace and Social Action Committee: Job descriptions are now in draft form. Six attended Elmer's refugee presentation. The committee requests $20.00 for postage costs. The committee recommends additional worship sharing groups on the topic of racism in our Meeting. Committee report was accepted.

  6. Finance Committee: we received sufficient pledges to estimate $1,020 per month income which will allow for rebuilding of our reserves and possibly add to the building fund. We are hiring a new bookkeeper. Final approval of the budget will be at the January business meeting. The committee asks for input and ideas on how to allocate any extra funds we receive. This month we dispersed local funds as follows: $50.00 to PPJ&P and $50.00 to All Souls sanctuary project. Committee report was accepted.

  7. Nominating Committee: Nominees for new positions will be approved in January. We still need another member for finance committee. Jeremy Nelson will serve as librarian.

  8. Announcements: Centering Prayer workshop will be at the Meeting House on January 20, 2018 form 9 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

  9. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten- Valdez

Recording clerk