Meeting for Worship for Business

17th Day 7th Month, 2017


  1. The Meeting opened with silence followed by a query about Equality from Faith & Practice.

  2. Attending were: Lisa Lister, Sarah Callbeck, Holly Grassoo, Julia Roten-Valdez, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Sue Lauther, Molly Wingate, Carlton Gamer, Ellen Cooney, Constance Gale.

  3. Minutes from the Sixth Month were approved.

  4. Meeting House Committee Report: The committee asks finance to have a line item in the budget for maintenance. The treasury reserve contains $100 earmarked for furnace and gutters. Meeting House asks for another $100 in reserve for unexpected expenses. Sue Lauther developed a method for members and attenders to share in the chores around the Meeting House: there is now a chore list and a set of cards outlining all jobs categorized by the approximate amount of time required to complete each chore and detailed information about the supplies needed and location of said supplies. The list and cards will be available at or near announcement time after Meeting for Worship. Thanks to Phil, Lisa and Ann for improvements in the landscaping. We will proceed with replacing the front doors and leave the back door as is for now. Report accepted with gratitude.

  5. Ministry and Oversight Committee Report: Report (circulated as Appendix A) accepted.

  6. Finance Committee Report: No meeting this month. Cash flow report accepted. There was no mortgage payment in June due to the refinance which was approved by FGC and closed on July 8th with enormous assistance form Brian Murphy. The Meeting will get Brian a thank-you gift. The Meeting has $476.77 not paid for Junes mortgage and also received a check back after closing for $1,297.16. After discussion, the Meeting asks Finance Committee to consider the suggestions made and report back to Meeting for Business in September regarding how best to allocate those excess funds. Reports accepted.

  7. Nominating Committee: Ann Dougherty is now our representative to Colorado Regional Meeting. John Gallagher will be our representative to IMYM. This was approved and we thank Ann and John for their service.

  8. Peace and Justice Committee Report: The committee is enlarging and redrafting the Colorado Care draft minute and encourages Friends to support amendment 69. We will begin "Quaker 101" on the second first day of the month from 11:30- 12:30 beginning in the 10th month. Report accepted.

  9. Report: Help is needed on third Sundays, if you feel called to serve. John Gallagher is requesting relief. Report accepted.

  10. Announcements included: Friends Journal is offering a $25 per year subscription for new subscribers. There will be no Business Meeting in the 8th Month.

  11. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording clerk

Appendix A

Meetinghouse committee 7/10/16

Ann Daugherty, Phil Friesen, Sue Lauther, Molly Wingate

  1. Discussed getting the meeting house clean. Sue Lauther presented a chore list idea which time separate the tasks into light, medium, time consuming, hard, or outside work.
    Some of the tasks take a minute or two, some take half an hour and some can be done later. Her impetus for the organization was that the work would go faster and be more fun if everyone did it together. We will give it a try and make changes. To be revised if necessary, later.
  2. Drainage project. We never finished getting the drainage to the street. We had several ideas for how to accomplish the task but we ran out of money. We have not approached the city about permits or anything. First step will be to talk to the city to see if we can do the work ourselves and if we can run the water in the street.
  3. The front door. Because Tony's repair has made the back door functional, we feel we can focus on replacing the front door only. Molly has asked Tony to provide a full bid for the labor. Ask Tony about glass on the sides being breakable and make sure then door is fiberglass. We recognize that there may be issues that crop up and will try to have the contract reflect the need for a little flexibility.
  4. Next time we need to talk about touch up painting the windows and painting the soffits.
  5. We would like to explore means for creating a permanent way to fund maintenance; perhaps a percentage of donations or a line item in the budget.

Closed as meeting for worship gathered.

Molly Wingate

For the Meetinghouse Committee

Appendix B

Ministry and Oversight Committee Minutes, July 5, 2016

Present were: Carlton Gamer, Jeremy Nelson and Ann Grant Martin, Clerk

We met at 11:00 in the home of Carlton Gamer. After a short period of Spiritual Silence we had our individual check-in.
The majority of our meeting was spent discussing the import of several Friendly Quaker calls.

Our next meeting will be September 6, 2016 at 11:00 at Carlton Gamer's home.

In the Light,

Ann Grant Martin, Clerk