10th Day of Fourth Month

Minutes Present were: Lisa Lister, Julie Roten-Valdez, Ann Grant–Martin, Ellen Cooney, Nancy Andrews, Ann Dougherty, John Robey, Sarah Callbeck, Molly Wingate.

  1. The Meeting opened with silence and a reading on service from Faith & Practice.

  2. Minutes for the third month 2016 were approved.

  3. Meeting House Committee Report: recently developed a to-do list which includes sewer, grass mowing, cleaning day on the last Sunday of month, weeding and gardening. We are asked to volunteer for mowing a month at a time during the summer. July, August and September are still open. Feel free to do weeding and gardening at any time. Report accepted.

  4. Ministry & Oversight Committee Report: The committee made the annual phone calls to members and attenders and received good feedback about the Meeting, including what they liked and ideas to improve. Some of the feedback received included thoughts about bible scripture, activism, resuming show and tell sessions, Quaker Quest and Quaker 101. Report accepted.

  5. Finance Committee Report: Monthly utility budget payment is reduced to $141.00 per month, travel funds are nearly exhausted for this year, the committee recommends proceeds from the upcoming meeting yard sale be used to replenish the travel fund with any excess rolling into next year (approved), FGC meeting house loan application will be submitted this month, we are saving money on the website costs, annual insurance cost was reduced by $200, there was discussion about holding an amount equal to our deductible in a sub account, in the future, finance committee reports will continue to be emailed but not discussed in detail unless there are questions. Report accepted.

  6. Library committee Report: Nancy needs help or needs to be released from the library position in the foreseeable future while she focuses attention on her family’s needs in New Mexico. Please help if you are willing and able. Report accepted.

  7. Proposed minute to support Planned Parenthood was read. It will be circulated to the meeting and seasoned until next business meeting.

  8. New business: IMYM is in need of a historical archivist and a clerk of Faith & Practice. Sarah is our representative to IMYM’s nominating committee and can provide more information or place your name in the hat for you.

  9. Announcements: There is growing interest in use of the meeting house by the community which helps our finances. However, we need someone else to coordinate the use of the meeting house.

    Ann Grant-Martin has done the job in addition to M&O and both roles are too much. The state of the Meeting report is due mid-May. The meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording clerk


Ministry and Oversight Committee Minutes, April 5, 2016

Present were [Carlton Gamer][CarltonGamer], [Jeremy Nelson][JeremyNelson] and Ann Grant Martin, Clerk

We met at [Carlton's][CarltonGamer] home and began with Spiritual Silence at 11:00. We had check-in and then reviewed the March minutes.

We have the intention of creating a document that describes the function of each of our Meeting's committees. We will work to complete that project.

Upon reviewing several Friendly Quaker calls we learned about various members’ concerns and requests. We heard that it would be good for our Meeting to choose one service project that most of us could support and participate in. It was suggested that we combine the Representatives/Committees of Peace and Justice, FCNL, and AFSC into one committee with one Clerk in order to be more effective. Another member would like more references to Bible scripture in our vocal ministries. There was a request for guidance in business practices and development. Please see a member of the M&O Committee to find out who you can help.

We will continue reviewing our Friendly Quaker calls at our next meeting, May 17th.

We closed at 12:05 with a period of Silence.

In the Light,

Ann Grant Martin, Clerk

Finance Committee Meeting

Fourth Month, 5th day, 2016

Present: Sarah Callbeck (Bookkeeper, Treasurer, & Clerk) and Lisa Lister (Recorder) and John Robey were in attendance.

The meeting was held at the meetinghouse.

We opened with silence.

We carefully reviewed all financial reports for the period ending 3-31-2016 and found all to be in good order:

  • Cash Flow Report

  • Bank Balance

  • Ent Savings Detail Update

  • Current Month Planning of Available Funds

Our year-round "budget billing" utility payment will reduce this coming year to $141 a month (down from $144).

Approval requested:

Travel funds are depleted for this budget year, and we are not currently in a position to reserve funds for the future. Because we feel it is important to help Friends with their travel requests when needed to attend yearly meeting, representative meeting, and regional meeting, we would like to suggest that proceeds from our upcoming yard/garage sale (to be organized by Holly) go into our Travel Fund account. Would Friends approve this suggestion?

We also discussed the FGC Friends Meeting House loan application, which Sarah is almost finished with. Lisa will sign it and submit it to Friends General Conference this month.

We closed in silence.