Present were Lisa Lister, Molly Wingate, Ann Grant Martin, Holly Grasso, Jeremy Nelson and Julie Roten-Valdez.

  1. The Meeting opened with silence and a reading on simplicity from Faith and Practice.

  2. January minutes were approved.

  3. Committee reports for Meeting House, Ministry & Oversight, and Finance were accepted.

  4. Finance committee report was accepted.
    The Meeting APPROVED proceeding forward with an application to refinance the building mortgage (approximately $51,691.00) with Friend’s General Conference for a twenty (20) year term at 7% interest. We have 14 months before the balloon payment is due. The finance reports including: cash flow; graph of balance; savings; current month planning; and 2015 year end financial statements were reviewed in detail and accepted. Our net assets are-general: $5,696.00 and building: $41,742.00.

  5. Misc.- Holly will coordinate a Spring yard sale, IMYM registration is online, building clean-up will be the last Sunday and large projects are reserved for Saturday workdays, hosts for meetinghouse hospitality will start to rotate on a three month basis.

  6. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez,

Recording clerk