Meeting for Worship for Business

20th Day 11th Month


  1. The Meeting opened with silence followed by a reading from IMYM Faith & Practice, Advice on Integrity.

  2. Attending were: Lisa Lister, Sarah Callbeck, Julia Roten-Valdez, Carlton Gamer, Ellen Cooney, John Robley, Barb Cromwell, Jeremy Nelson, Kelsey Kennedy, and Ann Daugherty.

  3. Minutes from the Tenth Month were approved. Meeting House Committee Report: The new mail box is going up today. Phil is installing it for us. The furnace is cleaned and serviced and ready to use. We will next paint windows and clean gutters. The committee did not meet this month. Report accepted.

  4. Ministry and Oversight Committee Report: A report was attached to the minutes. M&O continues to watch for opportunities for members and attenders to take action in support of their convictions. Meeting discussed adding to our website that we are a sanctuary for conscientious objectors as well as a place that warmly welcomes and is supportive of active military families. We have been able to offer both counseling for conscientious objectors as well as spiritual healing for military experiences. We discussed ideas regarding continuing to meet about the current political situation. This may be referred to Peace and Justice. Report accepted.

  5. Nominating Committee: The Meeting clarified that M&O previously determined the clerk's position must be filled by a member but not necessarily by a member of the Colorado Springs Meeting. The nominating committee’s report and recommendations were approved with great gratitude to the committee and everyone’s willingness to serve.

  6. Finance Committee Report: Report sent out with minutes. It is acceptable to the Meeting to place excess funds of approximately $300 into our scholarship fund. The draft 2017 budget was approved. We have paid for our door. We continue to have sufficient funds to pay additional principal on our mortgage. Report accepted.

  7. First Day School Report: no report

  8. Library: no report

  9. Peace and Justice: no report

  10. New Business: none

  11. Old Business: Please respond to email regarding including your contact information in Yearly Meetings data base. Colorado Springs Meeting directory needs to be updated (Ann will handle). Our Post Office Box number is P.O. Box # 2073 CS, CO 80901. Please do not send checks or money in the mail as the mailbox is not secure.

  12. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording clerk