Meeting for Worship for Business

17th Day 10th Month


  1. The Meeting opened with silence followed by an advice on Integrity from IMYM Faith & Practice.

  2. Attending were: Lisa Lister, Sarah Callbeck, Julia Roten-Valdez, Sue Lauther, Molly Wingate, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, John Robey, Ann Grant-Martin, Ann Daugherty, Judith McKay and Ken McKay.

  3. Minutes from the Ninth Month were approved with gratitude.

  4. Meeting House Committee Report: The new front door is here. Discussion followed regarding paint color for the door and trim and input and feedback are requested through Ann Daugherty, clerk of Meeting House Committee. The committee extends thanks to Sue for thinking up the ideas about how to get the meeting house work done, to Phil for mowing the grass ad to members and attenders for participating in the work. We are still working on how to extend the water drainage all the way to the street. We are reminded to keep the bathroom thermostat at 55 degrees to keep the pipes from freezing in winter. The bathroom heat is our biggest expense in winter. We are considering adding insulation in the bathrooms to conserve energy. Please remember to close the doors if you turn up the heat and turn it down again before you leave. Report accepted.

  5. Ministry and Oversight Committee Report: M&O is in the process of making Quaker calls. One idea that came out of a call is to have a picnic in Black Forest at Sherry McMahon's to bring a Meeting and social time to her. Report accepted (Appendix A).

  6. Finance Committee Report: We had no mortgage payment this month due to refinancing. We are in good financial shape. The 2017 pledge letter will go out later this month. We are keeping $473.93 from the refinance money as unallocated funds until after we gather information and make decisions about the drainage on the property. Report accepted.

  7. Report: We are not currently seeing many kids, but teachers remain available.

  8. Library: is asking to be replaced. John Robey volunteers to be nominated and Bill Durland volunteers to help. This information has been passed to the Nominating Committee.

  9. No other committee reports.

  10. New Business: IMYM is asking for contact information on members and attenders for a directory to be used exclusively be Quaker organizations. Our Meeting has participated in the past. We will pass around one of our Colorado Springs Friends Meeting directories so members and attenders can place their initials beside their respective names to indicate their approval about being included in the larger Quaker directory. Some members may be contacted by email for their approval or objection.

  11. Quaker Quest was a year ago. We reviewed some "action items" from that event that we had hoped to accomplish. Sue, Lisa, Phil and Ann D. are willing to meet with Jeremy about how effective our web site is proving to be and provide direction; We discussed ways of "getting to know you" using photos or name tags, Ann Daugherty volunteered to organize name tags.

  12. We all agreed it was a good idea to remove the refrigerator from downstairs, and Molly is working on it.

  13. The Meeting closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Roten-Valdez

Recording clerk


Ministry and Oversight Committee Minutes

October 12, 2016

Present were: Carlton Gamer, Jeremy Nelson, and Ann Grant Martin, Clerk

Our Meeting began at 11:00 at Carlton's home.

We began with Spiritual Silence and a brief check-in.

We continued to review our Friendly Quaker calls. Often there is a suggestion that is brought forth during a Friendly conversation. Recently it was suggested that since Sherry MacMahon has outdoor tables at her ranch, we explore the possibility of having a Quaker picnic there.

Our next meeting will be November 15, 2016 at 11:00 at Carlton's.

In the Light, Ann Grant Martin,

Clerk of the Ministry and Oversight Committee