Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

21st day of Sixth Month, 2015

Present: Ann Martin, Sarah Callbeck, Lisa Lister(clerk), Carlton Gamer, Molly Wingate, Peter Levar and Holly Grasso (acting recording clerk)

We began with silence followed by a reading from the IMYM Faith and Practice.

The minutes from Fifth month, 2015 were approved. The meeting thanks Holly for agreeing to take minutes today.

  1. Committee reports:

    1. Meetinghouse committee report was accepted

      The meeting recognized Ann Daugherty and Phil Friesen and Molly Wingate for their support and assistance in keeping the basement dry.

      The Committee Received several quotes for installation of necessary equipment and requests the approval to move forward with the installation of a sump pump and update of our current drainage system from Murphy Construction at the cost of approximately $4600.00 which is within the available funds held by the meeting for such situations. The meeting was advised that this is only the first step in a two part process. Once these updates are made, it will allow the basement to dry enough for the committee to take inventory of what damage was done. Plans for how to address the repairs to the meetinghouse caused by the water will be evaluated at that point. There is no cost estimate for this second step as yet.

      The committee lovingly requests creative suggestions for how to best put to use the space into which the meeting is investing so much time and resources. The meeting expressed much appreciation to Molly Wingate for her diligence and loving care of the meetinghouse throughout the crisis.

      The draft of meetinghouse use guidelines was presented. The meeting reviewed it and approved the draft with minor revisions (see appendix).

    2. Ministry & Oversight report was accepted

    3. Finance Committee report was accepted

      Financial reports were reviewed and all was in order. Hearty thanks to Sarah, our bookkeeper for her ongoing diligence in tracking our finances. The committee recognized and expressed appreciation for the donations made by Ann, Phil & Molly toward the recovery of the meetinghouse basement.

      The list of local organizations was reviewed to decide which group should receive funds from the meeting. The sense of the meeting was that the $100 should be split evenly between Care & Share and Tessa. The Finance Committee will return with an updated list for review at our next local disbursement, which will be during twelfth month meeting for business.

    4. The Nominating Committee report was accepted

      The committee advises we are still searching for a recording clerk.

    5. Other reports

      Molly was excited to share the amazing experience she had at yearly meeting. She was especially inspired by workshops on the topic of leadings and would like to share the material which spoke to her in hopes that it will add richness to the experience of other friends. The offer was happily accepted.

      Molly also advised that the cost for attendance at yearly meeting will be rising to meet the rising costs at the host location. This is expected to happen incrementally over the next few years until either the costs to attendees and the cost to yearly meeting match or another less costly venue is located. Yearly meeting is working very hard to make sure that the depth of activities and the ability for those who are unable to pay to attend are maintained throughout the process.

  2. Announcements

The Meeting now has a P.O. Box at the downtown station. If you are mailing checks or important letters, please use this box address:

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

c/o *the name of the person here*

P.O. Box 2073

Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2073

Minutes submitted by Holly Grasso

Acting recording clerk



  • The meeting as a whole has priority use of the space, followed by meeting members and attenders, and then non-affiliated outside groups.

  • Members of the meeting who use the meetinghouse for their businesses are asked to donate 10% of the gross income generated from the event held at the meetinghouse.


  • All groups must schedule their use of the meetinghouse through Ann Martin or our online Google calendar. Contact her at ann.grantfarms@gmail.com

  • Events or groups scheduled in the space are done so on a first-come-first-served basis. Already scheduled groups will not be asked to reschedule once their date and time is confirmed.


  • Outside groups must complete our agreement form.

  • Outside groups are asked to make a good will donation to the meeting. As a guideline, $1-2 per person is much appreciated. If the group is a non-profit organization, they may use the building for free.

  • Outside groups meet with a member of the meeting before the date of the event to make all arrangements.


  • The meeting does not set up, tear down, or provide any technical support for users of the building, nor is anyone from the meeting required to be present.

  • All groups are welcome to use our tea and coffeepots with a goodwill donation. If refreshments are part of the program, then the group must provide their own food and serving implements.

  • All groups must return the meetinghouse to the state they found it each time they use it. This includes replacing furniture, removing garbage and doing dishes.