Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

18th day of Tenth Month, 2015

Attenders: Lisa Lisa, clerk, Holly Grasso, Jeremy Nelson, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Ann Daugherty, Molly Wingate, recording clerk

  1. Silence followed by queries.

    Integrity section of advices from IMYM Faith and Practice

    Our witness is most effective when we are in contact with the Spirit
    within. Each of us has a particular experience of God; each must find
    the ways to be true to it.
  2. Consideration of ninth month minutes - please look at the minutes (attached and) online at: http://coloradospringsquakers.org/meetings/Business/2015/9


  3. New Business:

    Proposal to establish a regular social time at the rise of meeting - Holly has brought forward this idea. Let us at least begin a discussion about the value of integrating such a social period into our usual meeting schedule, and how it might be handled logistically.

    For the next few months, we will try out having 20 minutes or so of hospitality and conversation at the rise of meeting. Holly Grasso will be in charge of providing more robust offerings. In a few months, we will revisit this to see how it is going. We are grateful to Holly for bringing this to the meeting.

    Thoughts on Quaker Quest, and the way forward to continue to internally grow?

    It is the feeling of M&O is that we should have a threshing session to unpack and process our experience and determine our direction. We had a long discussion about setting up a threshing session. Lisa Lister will send out a survey when several choices of time for November. We will move our Soup and Sharing gathering to December. The topic of the Soup and Sharing will remain Vocal Ministry and will be held at Lisa and Phil's house.

  4. Committee Reports:

    1. Meetinghouse Committee (minutes attached)


    2. Ministry and Oversight Committee (minutes attached)


    3. Finance Committee (minutes attached)

      Accepted Minutes

      Review of financial reports (attached-please bring your own copies):

      1. Cash Flow Report - accepted

      2. ENT Savings Update - accepted

      3. Calculation of Funds available for Disbursement Monthly - accepted

    4. Other Committee reports

      1. First Day School

      2. Peace and Justice Committee - Report next month

      3. Nominating Committee -Report this month

      4. Library

    5. Representative Reports

      1. AFSC liaison - Genie

      2. FCNL liaison - Peter

  5. Old business item:

    Sarah followed up on our insurance company's latest letter about employee insurance. We will officially waive this part of the insurance, and it may lower our rate.

  6. Announcements:

Soup & Sharing at Lisa & Phil's house, 815 Arcadia Place, November 5, 6:30-8:00 pm has been postponed until sometime in December.

We closed in silence.

In the Light,

Molly Wingate

Recording clerk