Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

Twentieth day of the seventh month

In Attendance: Molly Wingate, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Carlton Gamer, Bill Werling, [Ann Daughtery][AnnDaughtery], Sarah Callbeck

  1. Opening silence at 11:19 am Acceptance of 6th month minutes was postponed.

  2. Committee reports

    1. Finance Committee: A finance committee member went over committee meeting notes with emphasis that enough assessment contributions have come in such that only one more reserve amount of $45, in July, is needed to complete the reserve. The assessment contributions will be moved to the reserve in two transfers of $171 each in July and August. The Finance Committee proposed that funds no longer needed for this purpose be used to replenish the Emergency Reserve and augment the Travel Reserve, assuming donation income is sufficient. The acting clerk indicated that it was within the purview of the committee to make this decision. Ending Savings Balance: $7454.89 Ending Checking: $474.11

    2. Meeting Home: It was reported that the committee is working on improving the downstairs for First Day School and has received a quote to replace windows. They are also looking into a handicapped ramp and a programmable thermostat.

  3. Old Business: Confirmation was made of the transfer of Helen Knudsen's membership to Wyoming Friends Meeting. The transfer was accepted and minuted at the sixth month Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

  4. New Business:

    Molly suggested use of a Yard Sale to help with revenue generation for the meeting and to bring exposure to the meeting house location.

    The meeting received a letter from the Executive Director of Pendle Hill thanking for the participation and the presence of the Durlands in their community for the Spring term 2014.

    Fall Regional Gathering will be the held the last weekend in October 2014 at the Colorado Rockies YMCA

  5. Announcements

    Our website: coloradospringsquakers.org.
    All business meeting minutes and reports will be available on line. Our calendar of events is there also.

    Please put events at the meetinghouse on the paper calendar on the bulletin board and let [Lisa Lister][ListLister] and Ann Martin know.
    Ann is the calendar keeper for now and he will enter it on Google calendar so the event will be listed on our website. You can subscribe to get reminders and updates automatically.

    If you are part of a group or know of a group who would like to use the meeting house, please have them contact Ann Martin at ann.grantfarms@gmail.com .

    Friends are welcome to use the meetinghouse during the week and to open it for Sunday worship. The key to the building is always available in the lock box on the ladies' room door. We have created a one-sheet set of directions for opening and closing the building. Call Molly, [Lisa Lister][LisaLister, [Ann Daugherty]AnnDaugherty , Bill Werling, [Peter Le Var][PeterLeVar] or the Durlands for the code to open the lock box.

Closed with a moment of silence at 12:11 pm.

Submitted in the light,

Recording Clerk Bill Werling