Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Friends Meeting

Sixteenth Day of Third Month 2014

In Attendance: Clerk-Lisa Lister, Recording Clerk-Bill Werling, as well as Jeremy Nelson, Sarah Callbeck, Molly Wingate, Carlton Gamer, Bill Durland, Genie Durland and Maria Melendez.

  1. Started at 11:32 am with opening silence.

  2. Followed by a reading from the IMYM Faith and Practice, from Thomas R. Kelley:

    "Life is meant to be lived from a Center, a divine Center - a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It takes no time but occupies all our time."

  3. Acceptance of Second Month Minutes: (http://coloradospringsquakers.org/meetings/Business/2014/2). Minutes accepted

  4. Committee Reports

    1. Finance Committee Meeting (Minutes-accepted and posted)

      1. Checking ending balance: $(145.22). Negative balance was explained as a result of the timing of payments and deposits and was not of concern.

      2. Savings ending balance: $8977.37

      3. Concern was expressed about our lack of financial reserve. It was additionally noted that our insurance and website hosting fees had increased. There was discussion about our next donation to national organizations scheduled for this month. After the discussion on the importance of us making a contribution, it was agreed not to make the donation this month, but to double our next donation to these national organizations. Additional input was provided that maintaining a significant reserve in a Quaker organization may not be consistent with the values of the organization.

    2. Ministry and Oversight Committee (Minutes updated, accepted and will be posted). IT IS NOTED THAT THE NAME FOR THE EMERGENCY FUND WAS CHANGED TO THE EMERGENCY AND SUFFERINGS FUND. The Meeting approved the following MINUTE regarding Ministry & Oversight's process for the disbursal of funds from our emergency fund and sufferings fund:

      Since one of the strongest Quaker traditions is that a Friend's word is his/her bond, we do not feel the need to require more than the reason and needed sum. We know that a request from a Friend is not a casual request but one that it is made after all other avenues have been exhausted. We trust that a Friend will come to the Meeting in the spirit of our truth testimony.

      The amount awarded will be determined by the request and the balance of the Meeting's budgeted amount. Requests will be awarded on a case by case basis. In the case of people who are not Friends the Ministry and Oversight Committee will discern the degree of need, and ask for more specific information. It will be most desirable to meet the person. Again, some flexibility can be exercised if we are led to grant funds. Ideally we hope that there will be enough time between the request and time of the need for the M&O Committee to convene and come to unity in their decision to aware funds. If time is limited, the clerks of the M&O and Finance Committees and the Clerk of the Meeting may confer and come to a decision. We emphasize that in all cases attention to the Quaker Testimonies and the dignity of the Friend/non-friend will be preserved.

    3. First Day School - Molly provided an oral report indicating that First Day School is going well and that there is continued work toward starting an ECO Justice class which is likely to include evening events.

    4. Peace and Social Concerns Committee - Genie provided an oral report indicating that the Friends Committee on National Legislation requested our input and prioritization on proposed legislative priorities. It was decided that we would allow members and attenders to provide input on these issues electronically in the form of a survey and Maria volunteered to lead this effort.

    5. Library - (No report given as of the completion of minutes). Based on an informal examination of bookshelf space, it was determined that an offer to provide a donated bookshelf would not be necessary at this time.

    6. Meeting Home Committee - (Minutes accepted and will be posted)

  5. New Business

    1. Upcoming Workshop - Boulder Friends Meeting would like to bring a workshop to our meetinghouse called "Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America's Native Peoples." The workshop facilitator, Paula Palmer, is available to come to provide this two hour workshop the afternoon of Sunday, May 18th. Maria Melendez is coordinating this effort.

      There was no objection expressed to the date of May 18th for the event and it was also expressed that opening the event to the public would be beneficial. As the event is limited to 40 people, a system of RSVP is encouraged.
      Molly volunteered to assist with advertising for the event, but indicated that she would not be available to assist with the event.

  6. Announcements

    a. State of the Meeting Report - This report is due to the clerk of IMYM by May 1, 2014. We will need to approve the report at the next Business Meeting.

Closed with a moment of silence at 12:48pm.

Respectfully submitted in the light

(Bill - Recording Clerk)