MINUTES for MEETING for WORSHIP with a CONCERN for BUSINESS Colorado Springs Quaker Meeting Meeting began August 18, at 11:50 am

Present: Molly Wingate, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Ann Daugherty, Carlton Gamer, Sarah Callbeck, Barbara Bowen, Lisa Lister and visitor Theresa Rosenthal.

Molly offered a reading by Elise Boulding followed by silence.

    For the real difference between happiness and joy is that one is 
    grounded in this world, the other in eternity. Happiness cannot 
encompass suffering and evil. Joy can. Happiness depends on the
    present. Joy leaps into the future and triumphantly creates a new present
out of it.
  1. Minutes of the Meeting for Worship for Business of June 23 were approved with recomendations to Jeremy on finances sent by Sarah.

  2. Finances: Sarah first reviewed the cash flow report, which indicates overall improvement in our finances. It was noted that we have moved within close range of our projected 6-months mortgage reserve and 6-months general reserve. Sarah noted that there was a small increase in our utility bill due to water surcharge due to draught. There were no questions and Friends approved the cash flow report.

    The Finance Committee Report followed. Sarah noted that Bill Werling's donation to Vicki Aldrich's war tax issue was not needed, nor does he want it returned. It was decided to keep it in our Emergency fund. Friends Fiduciary has sent out an E-bulletin detailing their socially responsible investing. Bill Durland agreed to write a thank-you to them. It was decided to, once again, forego disbursements at Sarah's recommendation in hopes of fully recovering our financial health by next Quarter. Friends approved and Molly urged the importance of not doing this again since this is the second time in a row.

    Sarah then briefly reviewed the balance sheet and revenue statement. There were no questions. Friends are urged to read all financial reports carefully, whether attending business meeting or not so that we are all aware of our financial position.

    Friends approved all finance reports.

  3. Ministry and Oversight Report: Anne submitted the M&O report in writing. Highlights were notations on contact with Sherry Macmahon, Kathy Ide and [Jonathan McPhee][[Jonathan McPhee]. It was noted that [Martha Lutz's][MarthaLutz service relationship with Pam Hazelton has come to an end. Martha noted she has gained in positive ways from that relationship. M&O is reconsidering the question of phone calls to members and attenders. It was noted that the important thing is some kind of regular contact involving careful listening. Phone calls are one way, personal visits, etc. can also serve the purpose. M&O will continue their consideration of this question. M&O report was accepted.

  4. Meeting Home Committee: Molly thanked Teresa for mowing our weeds and Teresa shared her involvement in the neighborhood "garden club," including a block meeting to take place next Saturday, and her hope that we might find ways to participate. We offered her the Meetinghouse for their meetings if needed. Barbara reported on her efforts to find donated plants. So far she has received a $25.00 coupon from Home Depot. Lisa wants to donate two lilac bushes, Barbara will donate lavender and Molly, iris.

    It was decided to include landscaping projects among the jobs every workday until winter. Anne D. agreed to make an overall plan with Lisa's help.

    During the discussion the subject of having dealings with the Boy Scouts and Home Depot led to a wider discussion of how Quakers live in the world dealing with organizations and businesses that have practices contrary to our Testimonies. Molly suggested a wider discussion with the entire Meeting sometime in the next quarter. She will organize it. Sarah noted that we still have $800 in our fund for meeting home projects, some of which might be used on the landscaping.

    Meeting Home Report was accepted.

  5. Adult Education and Action: There being no one coming forward to coordinate adult education, Bill Durland agrees to do it again this year. His proposal for the coming year is to study modern Quaker faith and practice. Jane Milburn suggested several weeks ago that she would appreciate evening meetings, Anne Daughterty strongly approves as well since she usually has to work on Sundays. It was decided that we will check with those who usually attend and choose an evening once a month to have adult education at the Meetinghouse.

    Molly reported that the book-reading group has finished The Last Runaway and will start something else soon. She asked for a check of available library funds so that Meeting can purchase Maxine Kaufman-Lucosta's book, Bill Durland's newest book on economic ethics, and Kathy Hyzey's book on Quaker leadership.

    Molly also suggested the formation of a Speakers' Bureau asking Bill to make a presentation about his book. Adult Education Report was accepted.

  6. Nominating Committee: Genie reported that [Nancy Andrew][NancyAndrew], not Bill Durland, is the new librarian.

    Genie has agreed to be Representative Committee Representative. A discussion of the difficulty of filing positions in meetings followed with special attention to the fact that both Molly (Clerk) and Jeremy (Recording Clerk) reach the end of their terms in January. Several good ideas arose including outgoing officers taking a role in helping to find and prepare their successors and posting a list of positions to be filed, making frequent announcements in meeting to draw attention to the meeting's needs.

Meeting for Worship for Business ended with a period of worship.

In the Light,

Genie Durland

Substituting for Jeremy Nelson