Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Quaker Meeting

Meeting began June 23, 2013 at 11:28 am

Meeting: Molly Wingate, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Jeremy Nelson, Ann Daughtery, Sarah Callbeck, Deneen Crandell

  1. Silence followed by a prayer from the Clerk.

  2. Consideration of May Minutes - recommend and approved the Meetings as written after minor changes by Sarah.

  3. Clerk's Report: We had very good representation at the annual gathering of Yearly Meeting! I am grateful that the regular work of the meeting continued while we were away.

  4. Committee Reports:

    A. Finance Committee: Cash Flow Report and other financial reports Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting. Friends are encouraged to read the Cash Flow report for specifics on the May. May started with a lot of cash but the Meeting paid for travel of Quetzal and Caliope.

    [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] Likes to start with at least 600.00 a month to cover basic 
    Meeting expenses. We started May with $5,000 in the building fund but after
    insulation and fans the net cash left over the Building is around 800.00 
    in the Building Fund. [Molly][MollyWingate] asked if we have a six month
    reserve, [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] said we did but barely. [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] 
    showed the decreasing utilities bill due to less gas for the furnace.
    Good news that we did receive are exemption to local taxes from El 
    Paso County as a religious.
    The cash flow was accepted. Finance Committee didn't meet, will meet 
    next month. [Molly][MollyWingate] asked if we could drop our Dex as most inquires are
    coming from individuals finding information about the Meeting are 
    from online. [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] mentioned that the next opportunity will be at the

    B. Meetinghouse Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting Insulation completed electricity and the fans implements. Use of the building by other groups is recommend by the Meeting house committee, the suggest donation for use by these other groups so to avoid any problems with sales tax.

    House cleaning will be on June 30th.
    [Bill][BillDurland] and [Genie][GenieDurland] talked about the next Reader's theater being held at the 
    Meeting House and that a donation basket.
    Meeting house report is accepted.

    C. Ministry and Oversight Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting Molly will follow-up Cheryl and find out what happened during the Black Forest Fire.

    D. First Day School: We need an adult to be with the children on the occasional 5th Sunday. 1st Sunday - Ann Martin, 2nd Sunday is Molly, 3rd Sunday is Ann Daughtery, 4th Sunday - Gallengers, Ann Daughtery volunteered to cover the 5th Sunday.

    E. Adult Education and Action Committee: Summer reading group? The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. Molly will do the research and see if a reading group will start the third Wednesday of July

    F. Nominating Committee: Still looking Bill agreed to become the librarian. Genie has some ideas about using the Nancy Andrews as the yearly meeting nominating committee. Still a permanent calendar minder.

    G. Library: Nancy and Bill both brought back some historical gems to add to the library from Yearly Meeting. Manually enter into the paper catalog these donations.

  5. Old Business

    1. La Puente: Where are we with putting together hygiene kits for migrant workers in Alamosa? Ann, maybe turn into a service project, what Meeting did the past is organize toothpaste, toothbrush, ask Friends to donate during Sundays.

    2. Landscaping our lot: We need a plan to control the dust and weeds. Hens and Chickens planted and barely surviving with, whacked back the weeds. If anyone has a lawn mower and a weed whacker to cut down the weeds on the First, thing is a landscape plan and then set-up the watering or sprinkler. Russian Sage. We do have a watering system and then plant around and see if automatic watering, we have the sprinklers and piping. System we have is antiquated.

      Molly suggested that since Jonathan is getting out of prison soon and he has experience being a yard landscaper, the meeting come up with some money to have him set-up a drip systems and Jonathan, Molly will write him and see if he is interested.

  6. New Business:

    1. Please check your information on the most recent Meeting Directory and send any changes to Ann Martin.: ann.grantfarms@gmail.com. Molly will forward corrections to the IMYM directory.
  7. Announcements:

    1. Please put events at the meetinghouse on the paper calendar on the bulletin board and let Molly Wingate and Bill Werling know. Molly will get the word out, and Bill is the calendar keeper for now.

    2. If you are part of a group or know of a group who would like to use the meeting house, please have them contact Bill Werling at william.werling@gmail.com.

    3. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta from FGC will speak about Palestine and Israel at our meetinghouse on July 9 from 7-9PM. She wrote Refusing to be Enemies.
      Flyers are at the meetinghouse; please help to spread the word about the event.

    4. Next Business Meeting is July 21st.

    5. Bill, on Saturday will be at JPC, idea of the formation of local non-profit civil rights group. Maybe 10-15 interest groups in the City with 500,000 people in the Springs. NAACP, ACLU, Citizens , have no legal arm and a focal point would be the center. Saturday the 29th at 2pm.

Meeting closed in silence at 12:33pm.

Respectfully submitted in the Light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk