Present: Molly Wingate, Cameron Stoy , Deneen Candrell, Nancy Andrews, Carlton Gamer, Jeremy Nelson Bill Werling, Genie Durland, Bill Durland

  1. Silence followed by a reading for the Boulder Meetings Friends's Newsletter, Miscellany. From Howard Brinton quote,

    For Friends the most important consideration is not the right action in itself, but a right inward state out of which right action will arise. Given the right inward state, right action is inevitable. Inward state and outward action are component parts of a single whole.

  2. Consideration of April Minutes, approved

  3. Clerk's Report: Friends, we continue to have a cash flow problem. We have an average monthly need of $1,170 and an average monthly income of $888, which is up $185 from last month. In reserve, we have 6 months of expenses related to the building, and less than 1 month of expenses related to the work of the meeting. Our goal is to keep 6 months reserve on hand at all times. We also have about $3,605 that is designated specifically for building projects and nearly $500 designated for emergencies as determined by Ministry and Oversight. The upshot is that we have money in the bank, but we are depleting our reserves. Many thanks to Finance Committee for keeping us fiscally aware.

    Many thanks to everyone for making the Colorado Regional Meeting Spring Gathering a success. Thanks especially to those who cleaned before and after the event, brought tables and tablecloths, and brought extra food. Our guests were very happy to enjoy our new home.

  4. Committee Reports:

    A. Finance Committee: Cash Flow Report and other financial reports. Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting, was delegated but hasn't been additional $185.00 in increased pledges. Mortgage, Utilities, Dex, and base expenses, Finance Committee enormous thanks Friends for stepping up and cover our base expenses.

    Cash in and out for various Meeting Home projects.

    Emergency Reserves a little under, general reserves empty for assessment. Library reserves are now zero. Others items that came up during the Finance Committee Meeting, the graphic "Then vs. Now" graph, the "Now" income graph now is bigger. Utilities bill is now down from the prior month, new systems are partly $158.56. The bulk of the meeting by the assistance request by Quetzal and Caliope at Young Friends Camp and FGC, asked for travel assistance. Committee decided that the little extra cushion $875 travel budget, $30 per child per event for $120 so that is what the committee. Meeting appreciated that the committee took the time and care for the young friends wanting to do with other Quakers this summer and should be encouraged, including both of them having leadership positions.

    B. Meetinghouse Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting. Electrical work completed and fans have been installed. Still pending on exception for property taxes. Ann is looking for brochures box and to have a QR Code as well. Landscaping is the next big thing will look Deneen , Martha has expressed interested in planting, and Lisa Lister among others have extra plants for xeriscaping. Molly donated screens, another job is make the downstairs windows open to help fans. Nancy thanked the Meetinghouse Committee for all of their leadership.

    C. Ministry and Oversight Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting highlights from the report. Carlton mentioned that Jonathan was sentenced and will be released in six-eight weeks and may include time in Denver. Ann Martin has been in touch with Val Philips regarding the Gardner's worship group.

    D. First Day School: We need an adult to be with the children on the occasional 5th Sunday.

    E. Adult Education and Action Committee: Committee finished for the summer, group agreed that the testimonies and related material in the pamphlet was enough for another year of

    Action opportunity at the Steward House, PPJ&P lecture for sending Volunteer May 31st with a lecture by a DU Middle East Professor. Bill mentioned Lucietta Mott's distinction between duties and being called to a position.

    Bill asks if there is a description for each position as that might help in fulfilling positions.

    F. Nominating Committee seeking volunteers for Colorado Regional, First Day School 5th Day Sunday.

    G. Library, Nancy may be interested in the Library position.

  5. Old Business

    A. La Puente: Where are we with putting together hygiene kits for migrant workers in Alamosa?

    B. Landscaping our lot: We need a plan to control the dust. Our neighbor is offering her raised beds.

  6. New Business:

    A. Friends from Boulder offering a program about Native American rights. Interested?

    B. Can we hold our June Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business on the 4th Sunday to avoid yearly meeting?

    C. Please check your information on the most recent Meeting Directory and send any changes to Ann Martin

  7. Announcements:

    1. Please put events at the meetinghouse on the paper calendar on the bulletin board and let Molly Wingate and [Bill Werling] know. Molly will get the word out, and Bill is the calendar keeper for now.

    2. July 9th 7-9 Maxine Kaufmain-Lacusta lecture and book reading from her book Refusing to be Enemies on Isreal and Palestine at the Meeting House.

    3. If you are part of a group or know of a group who would like to use the meeting house, please have them contact Bill Werling at

    4. Molly asked if we could do a weekly report through e-mail instead of a individual emails as they come through. Friends expressed interested and Molly has received complements about the number of emails being received by the Friends. Digest email could turn into more of an newsletter.

  8. Meeting finished in silence at 12:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted in the Light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk