Fourth Month Meeting for Worship for Business Minutes

Present: Carlton Gamer, Bill Durland (acting clerk), Deneen Crandell, Jeremy Nelson, Ann Daughtery, Genie Durland, Sarah Callbeck

Meeting began at 11:29 am with a silence.

  1. Approval of March Minutes - approved with corrections.

  2. Cash Flow Reports

  3. Clerk's report:

    Friends, we have a cash flow problem. We have an average monthly need of $1170 and an average monthly income of $703. In reserve, we have 6 months of expenses related to the building, and just about 4 months of expenses related to the work of the meeting. Our goal is to keep 6 months reserve on hand at all times. We also have about $500 that is designated specifically for building projects and $500 designated for emergencies as determined by Ministry and Oversight. The upshot is that we have money in the bank, but we are depleting our reserves. Many thanks to Finance Committee for keeping us fiscally aware.

    Upon Molly's request, Sarah created a graph to illustrate the current cash flow reports and passed it around to Friends at the meeting. Bill asked about the ratio of reserves? Sarah talked about having a six months reserves. Recording Clerk will include the graph in the minutes and send the graph.

  4. Committee Reports:

a. Finance Committee - report attached

  [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] reviewed the Finance Committee Minutes. Our 
  religious exemption application with the state is still pending and 
  property tax has not been paid as per statute.

  Electrical fans including installation ofthree fans and we are awaiting a 
  quote from Fountain Valley Electrical.

  The Meeting's cash flow problem was explained by [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] 
  with her highlighting the average monthly of shortfall
  of $467, given average monthly costs of $1170 with average donations of 

  [Bill][BillDurland] commended [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] for her hard work 
  on the improved understanding of the financial status of the Meeting.

  [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] will do a full presentation in July on the six month financial 

  [Carlton][CarltonGamer] asked about a letter about this problem and 
  that a letter be send out to Friends who may not attend Business Meeting.
  It was suggested that we send a letter with information about the cash flow
  shortfall and asking members and attenders, including those who have pledged, 
  to consider whether they can increase their contribution. 
  [Ann][AnnDaugherty] mentioned that [Molly][MollyWingate] is working on a
  draft and will work with the Finance Committee on this letter.

  Report accepted with gratitude.

  1. Ad hoc Fund Raising Committee - We have raised $850 (and bought chairs).

b. Nominating Committee Apologize if this is a duplicate. Nothing to report from the committee other than we are still looking for a permanent calendar keeper or steward. Nominating Committee need to send out general request that we need individuals to think about what we need and come forward to volunteer.

c. Ministry and Oversight - report attached Bill asked if we can approve the report, part of the State of the Meeting, report will go out after the M&O meeting.

  [Sarah][SarahCallbeck] asked if the M&O is working on the census, 
  [Bill][BillDurland] will talk 
  with [Ann Martin][AnnMartin] about the census.

d. First Day School Committee - The children and their parents are coming back to meeting. It would be wonderful if the adults responded by making them welcome during worship and afterward. John Gallagher will be happy to help you get situated as a First Day School teacher. Thanks to Ann Martin and Bill Werling for volunteering to teach 1st Sundays each month. Molly will teach 4th Sundays. Ann Daugherty has volunteered for 3rd week. We need two or three more adults willing to be with the children for 5th weeks and as needed. BTW, there is a playground 2 blocks away.

e. Religious Adult Education and Action Committee - Will have last meeting in May Daniel will talk about stewardship and Carlton will summarize the testimonies. Report accepted by the Meeting.

f. Meeting Home - report attached Thank Daniel, Aiden, and John Gall for fixing the fence and Daniel for donating the materials for the fence.

  $350 each for ceiling fans, fans should be installed before the insulation. Currently
  $750 reserved. $275 for dimming lights in the Meeting House. 
  [Ann][AnnDaugherty] will send the quote to [Sarah][SarahCallbeck]
  and [Jeremy][JeremyNelson]. The Meeting needs to prioritize the list of 
  the projects including staining the new fence and need screens for the 

  Report accepted and Friends thank [Ann][AnnDaugherty] for her work.

g. Library Report - no report

  1. Old business

a. Panel on Historic Peace Churches - Bill Durland has arranged a panel of speakers for April 23rd from 7-9pm. Bill will give an introduction and talk about the Church of the Brethren.

b. La Puente in Alamosa. 913 State Avenue. For more information, call 719-589-5909. Ann Daugherty agreed to follow up. [Ann] will be meeting her dentist about donation. La Puente needs donation for hygiene.

  1. New Business

    a. Colorado Springs will be the host of the Spring Gathering of Colorado Regional Meeting April 28th, 2013. John Gallagher will take care of the program for the children. Sarah Callbeck agreed to make sure we have enough supplies for serving and eating a meal.

    We need one more person to help with hospitality/overseeing the food.

    We need volunteers to clean up the meeting house this week before the gathering. Asked about the time, possible the day before on April 27th, 2013 at 10-2pm

    Recording clerk will send out email with details.

  2. Announcements

a. Molly and Marty will be giving a presentation

b. IMYM gathering 9th-16th

c. FGC

d. Nominating Coordinators for junior

Bill talked about the increase of violence in our society this past week, Friends we need to hold Friends efforts in silence to our efforts to reduce this through our Friends.

Business meeting closed in silence at 12:25 p.m.

Respectively submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk