Second Month Meeting for Worship for Business Minutes

Present: Molly Wingate, Carlton Gamer, Genie Durland, William Durland, Ann Daughtery, Lisa Lister, Bill Werland, Naomi, Jeremy Nelson, Sarah Callback,

Started with a moment of silence at 11:34 a.m.

Molly opened with the phrase:

God my feel thy hand as we do thy work.

  1. Acceptance of December and January Minutes -- Accepted.

  2. Clerk's report:

    a. Thank you to Bill and Genie Durland for arranging a lovely memorial service for Pat Huhn.

    b. Please note the Ann Martin and Molly have donated some shawls and blankets for people to use during meeting if they are cold. They are resting on chairs.

    c. Thank you to everyone who has loaned or donated chairs to the meeting house.

    d. Thank you to Julie Roten-Valdez and Rafa Valdez for delivering our new chairs.

    e. Thank you to Maria Melendez for finding the chairs and persevering to buy them.

  3. Cash Flow Reports, Sarah reported on cash flow starting balance in ENT Credit.. (see attached cash flow report). Bank balance is now $795.00. Transfers made from savings and checking reserves. Total savings $6,8868.48 and Total building funds is $8,440.25.

  4. Committee Reports:

    a. Finance Committee - Sarah read the Finance Committee Minutes, Finance committee begs that that Friends consider their usage of the utilities. Some parts we do have control and every effort made to control the costs.

    Sarah went over the "A Very Basic Cash Flow" revised the Shorten the cash flows. Sarah explained some of the revision from the original. We come up about $50.00 a month short on average and it being back-filled with reserves but is not sustain. Reserve will only last for the next couple of months at the current. Consider cash flows very carefully on the implications to fund the various assessments and suggest donations, fund programs and other organizations, including scholarships to IMYM, websites, and other expenses.

    Molly doesn't think it so bad that we are only $50.00 a month short, conscious of the shortfall but to function up to $50.00, Sarah said we need more to continue. Estimated than less than 10%. Naomi asked about the costs sent to external organizations, IMYM is . Bill part of the value to our overall Quaker experiences. Question about what suggestions for improving the budget by increasing revenue.

    The Finance report was accepted.

    i. Ad hoc Fund Raising Committee. With Sarah's help Moll will be mailing a letter out to past donors to the Meeting.

    b. Nominating Committee

    Genie and Bill, included Steward Position and guidelines, includes a master of copy of the calendar including the renting or providing space for prospective users of the space and that the organization follows Quaker's values. Steward would rent space. People have already asked about renting space. If this position was accepted the steward would coordinate. Need to find someone to do and writing down the description. Meeting Steward, Peter La Var was the calendar keeper, a Steward has a broader responsibilities and oversee groups to use the building. Meeting House Committee already takes up many of the duties of a Steward Position. Calendar keeper would have some Steward Positions and know that the Meeting Committee.

    Carlton asked if this position needed to live near? Molly responded not necessarily. Naomi asked about breaking up the position to just monthly. It will happen.

    Any ideas about how much to rent for? Molly suggested not more than $20.00 an hour. Suggested donations from non-profits, many 12-steps programs meet once-a-month. Meeting Home Committee and Finance Committee meet with new Calendaring position.

    Lisa asked if the Calendaring position would need to attend the outside group event? No, especially if a group is regular user of space.

    c. Ministry and Oversight

    Molly was happy to notice about an evening Meeting for Worship once a month. Molly wants to encourage meeting to continue forward. Worship sharing about the doing this Wednesday, March 20th. Different than a Meeting for Worship focused around a couple of different topics, Peace Testimony or personal stewardship of natural resources. Friends agreed that a worship sharing on March 20th. Some prefers on the topic? Stewardship in our daily lives was suggested to M&O.

    Any suggestions for a monthly evening Meeting for Worship. Asked 6-7pm or 7-8pm? Asked question of member and attender phone calls preferences for an evening Meeting for Worship.

    M&O report acceptance.

    d. First Day School Committee Pizza and Painting Party?

    e. Adult Education and Action Committee

    We are not meeting in March, next meeting will be in April.

    f. Meeting Home report with action items attached

    Molly highlighted work on already preapproved projects are continuing. Quote for electrical work and insulation for roof was $1,100? Was in total from two months ago. Meeting Home committee won't do anything

    Daniel estimated fixing the side fence replacing with a new gate. When we can get we will.

    Donated chairs should be cleaned and the metal tubing fixed. Investigate pull down windows upper sash to improve air circulation when the weather warms up.

    Discussed buying a couple of wood screens block back door both $100 to get two of them? What about just getting two screens, sometimes balance is mathematical we might be able to save. Any interested in canvasing thrift stores about finding screens?

    New doors at Home depot is over $3,000. Molly read plenty of warm weather projects.

    Carlton mentioned that keeping the furnace off during Meeting for Worship and thanks the Meeting Home committee. Explained that she sets the heat to rise up to 70 degrees and then sets the temperature to 65 and so the furnace didn't come on.

    g. Library Report

  5. Old business

    a. Panel on Historic Peace Churches - Bill Durland. Last month there was a lot of enthusiasm last month, Bill has Peter, Mary, Eister and other talked with Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, Bill not familiar. If Bill is to go ahead, schedule at the end of the April. ACLU and Bill's play are happening in May. Prior to ACLU event on the second amendment, Bill will go ahead and get back to the Clerk.

  6. New Business

    a. Colorado Springs will be the host of the Spring gathering of Colorado Regional Meeting April 28th, 2013. We need to think about food arrangements and a program for the children. Meal will be a potluck. Expecting 50 people at the most for lunch.

    b. Continuing Committee report (attached) Continuing Committee is part of the Yearly Meeting. Our annual assessment, assessments are voluntary. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has done away with assessments entirely. Absolutely as Friends as lead, by 2014 per Friend $50 per head. Monthly Meetings can choose to pay the amount. Plan on $55 a head and call it day. Finance Committee can examine and come with a recommended amount as well.

    Structure of IMYM will be changing, range of concerns are enormous, create a separate arrangements and representative committee. This is continuing. Nancy Andrews has not resigned as our Continuing and Nancy was interested being on the representative committees. Molly recommended that a person from meeting be put on the Yearly Meeting's nominating committee.

    c. Request for prisoner visitation - Roy Pfaltzgraf about his sister's wish for visitors from the Quaker meeting. She would appreciate if someone would visit her brother Roy.

  7. Announcements

    a. Women's Gathering at Allenspark, CO in March. Topic Alternative to Violence Training. Registration info on the library table due this week.

    b. FWCC event in Denver with Mountainview Meeting and Denver Friends Church. Friends from Cuba will be presenting. Info on the library table.

    c. IMYM Annual Gathering Ghost Ranch, NM June 9-16th, 2013

    d. Friends General Conference, Greeley, CO June 30-July 6th (more info:

Meeting of Business closed in silence at 12:53pm

Respectfully submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson Recording Clerk