Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Quaker Meeting

November 17, 2013

Present: Bill Durland, Molly Wingate, Nancy Andrews Genie Durland, Carlton Gamer, Jeremy Nelson Ann Daugherty, Bill Werling, Sarah Callbeck, Lisa Lister

  1. Meeting started at 11:29 am Silence followed by a reading. Advice and queries from IMYM's Faith and Practice*

    Page 122, 123 Our capabilities and possessions are not held as ends in themselves but are God's gifts entrusted to us. They are our to share with other to be used with humility, courtesy, and affection.

    Queries What are we doing to recognize the varied skills and spiritual gifts of the members, attenders, and children among us? Are we tender and loving towards those with gits different from the commonplace?

  2. Consideration of October Minutes Genie is not doing a spreadsheet but just a document with the current positions along with know term lengths.

    Minutes accepted with adjustments.

  3. Clerk's Report: I look forward to introducing the Meeting to our new website at the December potluck. Bring your laptops and learn how to use the website for your needs and interests.

  4. Committee Reports:

    1. Library: Nancy devoting time week before Christmas and some time afterwards, Lisa sent a login to LibraryThing to catalog the Meeting's house along with donated bookshelf from the PPJPC book donations. Librarian will review the PPJPC. By the January 2014 Nancy transformed by the New Year. Report accepted with very encouraging news.

      Molly said she was thankful about the number of individuals attending Business Meeting.

    2. Finance Committee: Cash Flow Report and other financial reports Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting. At the moment paying our basic expenses it is healthy, Sarah would like to see cash flow to grow. Reserve accounts are growing but that after paying insurance, website, and assessments these reserve Six month to one year reserve for the mortgage, $2800-$2900 goal $1500 reserve about (three month reserves) We have a credit account with the utilities. Daniel is observing the and monitoring the physical meeting house and utilities. Water and electricity increasing with the cooler weather. Current month utilities $40 under $180 usage, Sarah is billing for bookkeeping, Sarah bookkeeping will change from billing quarterly to monthly to even out hit to cash-flow.

      We have $165.91 available for disbursements, $100 available for disbursements in Decembers Pay IMYM assessments in January after 2014 count of Monthly meeting.

      Renewal from Dex, separate phone line $35 a month, we discuss this. Finance committee decided to cancel the Dex subscription. Poor use of resources decision had to made with a Dex renewal. People looking for Quaker information find us online. If the meeting gets it own phone, will be listed in the white pages. Finance committee will look at options for phone service to the Meeting House. The money saved with be assigned to travel support for Friends.

      1. The Budget looks like it has been in the past, Sarah updated the expenses in the Budget, she also took out some expenses as book entries, insurance and websites expires moved from prepaid to expense. Took out duplication at the end for the true.

        1. The budge shortfall is only $280.90 for 2014 over last year's 2013 budget. Cost reductions canceled Dex and reduction in book-keeping expenses.

        2. Fees and licenses went up. Yearly assessment expense down from last year and stable at 19 Friends.

        3. Subscriptions went up, paying journals at a yearly rate.

        4. Travel expense reduced anticipated travel of Rebecca and Sarah are not going IMYM this year.

        5. Reduction of $2100 to $1740 for the year in utilities expenses.

        6. Pledge overage in revenue reduction from %40 to around %20

        7. Emergency fund of $500 discretionary funds for use by M&O

      Meeting accepts the great work on the Finance

    3. Ministry and Oversight Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting, Molly apologized for not sending around the report. Talked about reducing the number of members and has been worked out by Nominating committee. One thing they will work on is a procedure for using emergency funds. Meeting accepts M&O report.

    4. First Day School -- No report

    5. Adult Education -- No report

    6. Social Justice and Action Committee name changed Peace and Social Concerns or Peace and Social Justice. Peace and Justice Committee for the final name of the committee. Bill expressed concerns with how the Philippines charity money was being spent. As Quakers how would we could donate for the Philippines? The floods in Colorado have collected $11 million but only $7 million distributed. Peace and Social Justice will look to collect money for the action of the meeting. Genie will send around a note from ASFC on any opportunities for donation for Philippines. Send a check to Ann for support efforts to ASFC suggestion of World Church Service.

      Other issue, Adult Education more of speaker bureau as a role. Several suggestions. One night was Mennonite, maybe a Baha'i hi group. Explore what they believe in and what a talk suggestion Peace and Justice some evening in Jan or Feb. Universalist and Unitarians session and discussion. ACLU support Bernie Sanders talk coordinate for the Springs. Preparatory meetings were the weekly meeting while the Monthly meeting that meets weekly ad looked nice in Dex.

      Report accepted and approval title change for the committee.

    7. Nominating Committee New things, haven't filled the clerk position but a Friend carefully considering it. M&O, Peter, [Linda][LindaSeger], and [Martha][MarthaLutz], committee now made up [Ann Martin][AnnMartin], Jeremy, and Bill, Carlton now on call. New members of Nominating committee are Molly and Peter. Bill new Recording Clerk. Still working the IMYM nominating committee representative..

      Accept the report with gratitude.

      1. Approving the nominations new M&O. [Ann][AnnMartin] expires in January 2015, [Bill][BillDurlan] and Jeremy terms expire in January 2017. Bill will clerk M&O from January 2015 to January 2017.

      2. Finance committee, Sarah will be bookkeeper, and still serve on Finance committee. Julie and Ann started in Jan. 2013, Ann will continue as treasurer until January 2016. Julie serves one more year.

      3. New nominating committee for Molly and Peter for two year commitments.

    8. Meetinghouse Committee

      Ann and Daniel conference call. Pamphlet box will be installed on the outside of Meeting House. wall closest to the furnace dry wall fixed in the basement, rest of the basement dry fixed from the flood. Wait until March for furnace. Gutters needs to be cleaned. Cleaning vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning for fourth.

      Molly purchased the screen for back door. Damp smell may be coming from couch or books. Draft when people come in front door. Friends asked about insulation for the bathrooms and storage room. Look at maybe insulation of bathrooms.

      Meeting house report accepted.

  5. Old Business:

    Planning a "Show and Tell" for this winter. Bill Durland, Bill Werling, and [Jeremy][Jeremy Nelson] January 8th, start early at 6:30 to 8:30pm and bring desserts. Ann will be working in Pueblo.

  6. New Business:

    We have received a letter from Connie Williams withdrawal of membership from the Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting. The Meeting accepts and will write up a separate minute and send to her. Meeting accepts this withdrawal. Friends noted that individuals can still be member of the wider community of Religious Society of Friends even they are no longer members of an Monthly Meeting.

  7. Announcements:

    Please put events at the meetinghouse on the paper calendar on the bulletin board and let Molly Wingate and Bill Werling know. Molly will get the word out, and Bill is the calendar keeper for now. He is looking into using Google Calendar. If you are part of a group or know of a group who would like to use the meeting house, please have them contact Bill Werling at william.werling@gmail.com.

    Rev. Roger Butts of Unity Church and formerly of High Plains Unitarian Church will give a presentation and lead a discussion about making end-of-life plans. He works with an organization that consults with people on these matters. The presentation will be at the rise of meeting on January 12, 2014.

    Molly read a letter from Boulder Meeting about flooding in Colorado about the Flood and Fires.

    [Sarah]SarahCallbeck] brought a box of office supplies for donations.

Meeting finished at after silence at 12:58.

Respectively submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk