Minutes Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

Colorado Springs Quaker Meeting

October 20, 2013

Present: Ann Daughtery, Genie Durland, Bill Durland, Carlton Gamer, Bill Werling, Molly Wingate, Jeremy Nelson

Meeting started at 11:21 am.

  1. Silence followed by a reading the following query: How do you distinguish between the leadings of the Divine and the pressures of the needy?

  2. Consideration of September Minutes

  3. Clerk's Report: I look forward to introducing the Meeting to our new website at the December potluck. Bring your laptops and learn how to use the website for your needs and interests.

  4. Committee Reports:

    1. Finance Committee: Cash Flow Report and other financial reports

      There wasn't a meeting this month for the Finance Committee.

      Ann Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting, assessments Cash flow report was good, end of the month $798.30 in checking account. $700 of six month reserve $477 for mortgage. Six months of utilities, insurance, and mortgage. Ballpark number of which we will not go below including 1/2 of assessments and other expenses. Molly requested that the Finance Committee report regularly on the amount of this reserve.

      Ann explained what and how much the automatic withdrawls from checking into savings for specific purposes like insurance and assessment.

      Report accepted with gratitude.

    2. Ministry and Oversight Committee: Review of Minutes from Committee Meeting. Molly read the M&O report. Ann is leaving for India in November and M&O will have a meetings. Report accepted.

    3. First Day School: No Report.

    4. Adult Education:

      The occasional book group will read Margaret Bacon's The Back Bench.
      The books are on the library table. They cost $2.50, payable to Molly. We will hold an inter-generational discussion some evening with snacks after everyone has had a chance to read it.

    5. Peace and Social Concerns Committee: Will review the meeting. The first was the Syrian Senator Udell sent a form letter, FCNL website, the Indy published the minute. Very positive responses. Announcements will be read at the close of Meeting for Worship.

      We discussed having a separate bulletin board for the Peace and Social Concerns, may consider a public place either a dry erase board but it is nice to post fliers.

      Report accepted.

    6. Nominating Committee: Genie, we are delighted that Bill as the recording meeting. We still don't have any candidates for Clerk. Bill mentioned that Molly is very active and her duties as a Clerk is above, take the responsibilities , it has been the tradition that the clerk covers meetings, open and closes meeting, regularly attend Meeting for Worship. Faith and Practice has a description of duties.

      Genie read a paragraph about rotating among the committee members, authorizing rotating between different committees. In a small meeting is good to move different Friends. Molly leaves it the hands of the Notating Committee balance the committee membership. An in-depth discussion followed about the history and current structure of M&O. Genie will ask all committee chairs.

      It is important for Friends to find ways to serve as part of our spiritual and community building. Genie will work on putting dates with committee on a spreadsheet.

    7. Library: Lisa and [Nancy Andrews][NancyAndrews] are working on cataloging our collections. Bill and Genie offered to donate a bookshelf and the meeting agreed to accept the donation. [Carlton] spoke about the need to include the library in the design of any additions.

    8. Meetinghouse Committee: report attached We are waiting for the leaves to fall to clean out the gutters and to finish the the landscaping. Molly mentioned that Daniel knows of a Colorado College is discarding a storage cabinet. We really need to mow the front for the October 24th work day.

      Molly asked the meeting to review the copy of the opening and closing the Meeting House for both Friends and groups renting the Meeting House.

  5. Old Business:

    Open and closing the meeting house in the winter.

  6. New Business:

    Report on "Greening Your Church" group in Colorado Springs. Molly gave her report and offered our space for the next meeting. It is an opportunity for us to steward environmental action among other religious communities in Colorado Springs.

    How do we feel about pursuing an addition? Thoughts to continue to advance our meeting house to add a kitchen, showers, and sleep in the Meeting House. We may need to get a rider for our insurance rider. We will have many questions, what [Molly] needs some approval to continue with pursuing an addition. Addition is an important ultimate goal of the meeting to allow us to proceed with the most open mind.

    What sort of community activities would Friends enjoy at the Meeting House? Shall we plan another "Show and Tell?" Molly and Carlton asked if there was more interest in another "Show and Tell?", we are settling and speaking on spiritual matters. Next "Show and Tell" with Bill Durland, Bill Werling, and Jeremy presenting on their work. Talked about having the session in early January, second Wednesday, January 8th.

  7. Announcements:

    Please put events at the meetinghouse on the paper calendar on the bulletin board and let Molly Wingate and Bill Werling know. Molly will get the word out, and Bill is the calendar keeper for now. He is looking into using Google Calendar.

    If you are part of a group or know of a group who would like to use the meeting house, please have them contact Bill Werling at william.werling@gmail.com.

Meeting closed in silence at 12:31 pm.

Respectfully submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk