In attendance: Molly Wingate, Clerk, Peter LeVar, Linda Seger, Bill and Genie Durland, Ann Daugherty and Sarah Callbeck

Meeting began with worship on "Let peace begin with me."

No Minutes of the December Meeting for Worship for Business have been submitted yet for approval.

Finance Committee Report

Finance Committee report was submitted in writing. Sarah reviewed the highlights. She expressed gratitude for Julie Roten-Valdez joining the committee and taking notes and for Ann Daugherty's willingness to serve as the new meeting Treasurer. Review included comments about increased utility bill and the fact that in April our meeting will become eligible for the averaging service of Colorado Springs Utilities, which should reduce, or at least, even out on a monthly basis our utility costs. Tax exemption status has been applied for but not yet received. Meeting approved a plan to pay property taxes out of the FGC grant money on their due date so as not to incur interest and late charges, if the status has not come through by then. When finalized any paid property tax will be refunded. Finance Committee report was ACCEPTED.

Cash Flow Report, Balance Sheet and Revenue Statements were presented in writing. These were also reviewed verbally by Sarah. Our present total liabilities and equity are $112,645.29. Total Building Fund and general expenditures for 2012 were $31,592.78, with a negative total of $17,079.87. Friends are urged to access and examine all these reports for full understanding. Much gratitude was expressed for the amount and quality of Sarah's work.

Clerk Report

Clerk expressed joy that we finally have our new furnace installed and operating and thanked Ann Daugherty for all her hard work on this project. She also noted that our Christmas Eve meeting was lovely and thanked Ann Martin for songbooks she contributed.

Nominating Committee Report

Report was submitted in writing. Lisa Lister and Nancy Andrew are nominated as Librarians, Julie Roten-Valdez, Finance Committee membership and Ann Daugherty as Treasurer. These nominations were APPROVED. Nominating Committee also submitted a brief summary of the new structural changes around Continuing Committee as follows: Significant documentation has been received from Yearly Meeting regarding structural changes which impact Monthly Meeting appointments to YM positions. Briefly this information (attached) describes the replacement of Continuing Committee with REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE and the creation of an ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE. Arrangements Committee is the umbrella organization for Facilities Working Group, Youth Working Group and Program Working Group. Each Monthly Meetings is requested to appoint a representative to REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE and to IMYM NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Genie Durland reported that Nancy Andrew, our present Continuing Committee representative, has not resigned and is considering whether she is called to continue under these new expectations. Nominating Committee also formulated a job description for a Meeting Steward as follows: Meeting Steward Position: A Meeting Steward might also be called the Calendar Keeper. A calendar should be kept at the Meetinghouse posted in a prominent place or perhaps on the library table. Calendar Keeper would have a duplicate at his or her home (perhaps on an Ipad or Iphone if he or she has one). Anyone wishing to rent time and space would be asked to prepare a BRIEF description and this would be presented at Meeting for Business. Any such group or individual would need to uphold Quaker values. Any infringement of Quaker values brought to our attention after an outside group uses the Meetinghouse will cause that group or individual's privilege to be rescinded. The significant requirements for the Steward or Calendar Keeper will be as above, keeping an accurate calendar; conveying necessary information about Quaker values to prospective renters/users; asking necessary questions of the prospective renter/user about the nature of the use intended; and conveying a set of rules regarding clean-up, etc. after use. Approval of this description was postponed until February Meeting for Business. Nominating Committee Report was ACCEPTED.

Ministry and Oversight

Bill Durland reported that Ann Martin is the new Clerk of M&O. No meeting has taken place in January and no report submitted.

Meeting Home Report

Meeting Home Committee report was submitted in writing. Molly reported that now that the new heater is in, next on the list of improvements are: for the electrician - 1) solar powered motion lights on exterior, 2) rheostat on switch for overhead lights, and a second switch for overhead lights near the front door, and 3) determining if outside lights are safe. After that insulation will be installed in the attic. A list of work day chores for next week was presented. There is more than usual work to be done and Friends are urged to come prepared to take part. Finally, Friends are asked to keep their eyes open for adjustable window screens for next summer.

Library: No Library report.


  • Molly made signs for restrooms and First Day School
  • Meeting APPROVED tasking Nominating Committee to find a Calendar Keeper for outside uses of the building; and that Meeting Home Committee will continue to be responsible for tracking the internal uses of and needs for the building.
  • It was noted that our visiting Friend from Durango is being well hosted and embraced by the Meeting.


  • We are the designated hosts for the Spring gathering of Colorado Regional Meeting on April 28th, 2013. We are responsible for food arrangements and children's program. Molly noted that John Gallagher will most likely take leadership on these matters as our Representative to Colorado Regional Meeting.
  • Molly attended Continuing Committee and will give a full report after she has revised the minutes.
  • Bill Durland asked about the status of future "show and tell" events. Molly clarified that such meetings will take place whenever someone requests one and there is interest. Bill also suggested having a future event in which we have a presentation, perhaps a panel, about the Historic Peace Churches, specifically involving local Mennonites involved in peace and justice activities. Esther Kisamore, and Peter and Mary Sprunger-Froese. Strong interest was expressed.
  • A memorial for Pat Huhn will be hosted by our Meeting house at 2 PM on Saturday, February 2. A large crowd is expected and Genie and Bill request a work crew to help with chair set-up, etc. Those interested should call Bill and Genie at 635-8686 or email at to get details or volunteer. Esther Kisamore (Mennonite friend) has volunteered to take charge of refreshments. Those interested in helping with baking or set up should call Esther at 632-3297.

Before closing, Molly announced dates of IMYM annual gathering: June 9-16, 2013 and FGC Gathering in Greeley this year June 30-July 6. For more information:

Meeting closed with worship

In the Light, Genie Durland For Jeremy Nelson, Recording Clerk