Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

In Attendance: Molly Wingate (clerk), Lisa Lister, Julie Roten-Valdez Carlton Gamer, Ann Daugherty, Genie Durland, Sarah Callbeck Jeremy Nelson, Joyce Doyle, Bill Durland,

Molly started the meeting at 11:24 a.m. with a reading of a preamble from that was used in Young Friend education. Mark chapter 4.

  1. Approval of August Minutes for Meeting for Business. Ann volunteered to take the material and change the address. What about publications like Western Friends, do we want to forward mail to the Meeting house from the P.O. box to the Meeting House. Lisa volunteered to change the address at the post office. Could Lisa pick up a packet of change-of-address with postcards to send to publishers and newsletters from other Meetings.

  2. Cash Flow Report: previously emailed. We finally paid assessments for Colorado Regional Meeting. Ending balance checking end of Aug \$3297.25, down a bit from the prior month Sarah we are still holding steady. No change in emergency or other reserves. No change in building funds. In Finance Committee meeting report has much more details. All total, we paid \$1752.48 for the roof instead of \$2,000. Calvert balance down some, total 14,322.00 in building Molly joy that Cash flow report accepted.

  3. Committee Reports:

a. Finance Committee: previously emailed Colorado Regional Fall gathering meeting, please let committee know now. This month is the national distribution will find a suggestions for national distributions. AFSC has a contribution matching campaign as we decide the national distribution. At Friend's Fiduciary funds they are slowly recovering from recession of a few years ago.

We received a Property Valuation notice from the El Paso County
Assessor. It states a tax value, but in another section says we
are exempt. Since this is the first year we have received this
notice (and it is a tad confusing), we want to make sure they know
we are a religious group. Ann will stop by the Assessor office
just to make certain all is well.

**501(c)3 status** We have not filed for this status, which would
exempt us from paying sales tax. Because we have been purchasing
more items for the new Meeting House, it has come up as a question
about whether it would be worth filing for this status. The cost
to file is very expensive, and the preparation of the paperwork
onerous. Right now, we do not believe that it would be worth the
time and expense. [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) supports the
Finance Committee recommendations. Do any other Meetings have this
status? Came up with a email from Mountain View. People in the
Yearly meeting are talking about.

  ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------
  Remaining Building Funds & Liquid Prudent Reserve

  As of: 9/12/2012

  Funds in Calvert:

  Calvert balance                                            \$9,247.76

  Less earmarked for furnace replacement                     (8,000.00)

  Subtotal (liquid prudent reserve)                          1,247.76

  > Carpet - total cost                                      (927.00)

  Add sale of Roz's rings                                    200.00

  > Add donation from Lisa                                   200.00

  Remainder of liquid prudent reserve in Calvert             \$720.76

  Funds in ENT Savings-Building Fund:

  Ent Savings-Building Fund balance                          \$2,314.53

  Less basement outlets & bathroom baseboard heaters         (1,170.00)

  Less gas heater removal from bathrooms (estimate)          (336.00)

  Remainder of liquid prudent reserve in ENT Savings         \$808.53

  Total remaining liquid prudent reserve to be used for      \$1,529.29
  mortgage, utilities & insurance only

  "Trust in God, but tie your camel first."                  
  ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Based on report about furnace removal \$336.00 will be moved to
emergency reserves as this will be included in a full renovation.
[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) will begin consersation with
Finance Committee about taking a small amount of money in checking
to savings for large recurring expenses like the yearly insurance
payment. Donations currently cover mortgage and utilities,
[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) wants to continue building up
mortgage and utilities reserve to cover 1 years worth, estimated
to be \$5,000. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) is gratefully for
the careful thought that has gone in careful stewardship of
Finance Committee, Molly personal appreciates that Finance
Committee with deep, deep gratitude.
[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) answered
[Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/)'s question about the camel, quote
very common in the Middle East. If the camel is tied it doesn't
cost much but if you let go free it can be very expensive.

1.  National Distribution, [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/)'s thought
    that if you have a matching funds grant FCNL have such a small
    staff, [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) suggested that we give
    \$50 to AFSC and to FCNL. Friends are in unity with this

2.  Ad hoc Fund-raising sub-committee.
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) mentioned that Lisa has sent
    in a request for \$5000 for a new furnace. We are asking for
    more than usual, but we made it clear any amount would .
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) talking with Ft. Collins,
    write to Ft. Collins about a matching grant for the Colorado
    Springs Meeting. Soon we will be sending out a letter to all
    of the Meetings that had donated to us in the past. Report

b. Nominating Committee - no report

c. Ministry and Oversight: Include items in the agenda. Linda and Carlton are attending as emeritus members of M&O. Martha is contacting other members. M&O discussed greeters for Meeting. M&O hasn't come up with any recommendations as they are still considering and reflecting as the right course opens up for the Meeting. It is up to all of us to be friendly to a new person after meeting and that Friends need to just be aware and assist with any new

Mission statement changed to M&O guidelines. People need to be
sensitive to the need of the meetings for quiet for Meeting for
Worship on first days. Friends are encouraged to try to arrive by
the start but M&O sensitive to the different circumstances that
Friends may not be able to arrive on time but M&O looking at ways
for late arriving Friends to join Meeting for Worship that is to
minimize the distribution. We Friends have an extra burden to
explain what we are and why are that way for newcomers.

If the clerk doesn't have anything assigned to it from the clerk.
M&O is on call and may need to meet more than once a month.
September's meeting will be passed over and M&O will not meet this

M&O report accepted as amended.

d. Education Committee: All families with Education worship sharing lead by Maria about what is important for First Day School. Kids are interested in creative expression and services. Will also have a Friday in November for another kids worship sharing outside First Day School. Martha and John are co-chairs and will be coming up with a schedule for the fall. We are talking about teenagers now and not smaller children except for the Werlings. Everyone is encouraged to come to take a class with the kids or come to the Friday's worship sharing. Joyce has been cataloging material in the Meeting and noted that we have a lot of study material and maybe have kids go through and see what might interest them.

e. Adult education and action committee: Last week we had the first meeting, Genie send around a report to 9 Friends with a schedule, each person will lead a different discussion on a testimony but there is flexibility to have external speakers and Genie will notify Meeting about any speakers. We may have an opportunity to hear from a War Tax advocate in November. The report was accepted with gratitude.

f. Meeting House Committee No outstanding actions, work day every forth first day of the month has been successful. Carpet should be here next week and is 15' by 20' feet. Should be helpful for acoustic. Meeting House Committee does pay attention to what Fiance committee.

Baseboard heaters and outlets downstairs will be installed on

Meeting Home report accepted with gratitude.

g. Library Report - Joyce expects to have full inventory and report on and will have by next Business Meeting. Joyce will be getting a new stamp with Meeting address and updating all of the books.

Library Report accepted.
  1. Old business

a. Greeters at meeting - discussed previously in M&O report.

b. Open house for neighbors and wider community - planning on October 13th from 2-4pm. Ann, Genie, Julie. Ann asked if we should we send a large or small cards? Postcards were suggested. Friends should send names and address of other people they might want to invite to the Open House. Ann's past experience is that 25% response from invitations. Julie and Genie will coordinate the food for the open house. It would be great to have invitations by the first of October.

We need paper plates and other updated written material by this
open house. [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) volunteered to pick
any extra dishes, if we have only finger food we will only need
paper napkins.
  1. New Business
1.  [Carlton](/Friends/CarltonGamer/) suggested that we have an
    event "show-and-tell" where we all come to learn about what
    Friends in the Meeting are involved with including creative and
    professional interests. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/)
    suggested that we have the event in the week for a couple of
    hours. To start for those Friends that are doing stuff and who
    want to share with the rest of the Meeting have them state what
    they are working and if there are interest in others. This would
    be an ad hoc and Wednesday sounds okay. This wouldn't have to be
    monthly deal.

    Send out an email to the whole meeting stating the idea and ask
    for 1. Who would be interested in attending the event? Who would
    be interested in sharing something?
    [Carlton](/Friends/CarltonGamer/)'s show and tell. Input from
    the wider meeting along with a SurveyMonkey about answering
    these questions. What weeknight would work for everyone and
    happen in the next two months. Recording clerk will create a
    survey and send out

2.  Trustees of the Meetings. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/)
    interested in finding out about what trustees do at other
    Meetings and they keep their eyes on the larger picture.
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) is pursing and finding out what
  1. Announcements

    1. Colorado Regional Meeting will be in Estes Park (October 19-21) is going to focus on the diversity in our own spiritual community as Quakers. Registration at . Several Colorado Springs folks are on the program.

      "How do you experience living a spirit-led life? Would you be willing to share your experience? How would you be willing to share it? Would you be willing to be interviewed? Do you express your spirituality creatively... e.g., music, dance, other ways?"

    2. Molly has a number of newsletters from other Meetings with Pendle Hills workshops.

    3. Interesting letter from Friends United Meeting about the future of the Religious Society of Friends for 40 Days of Prayer starting on Oct 10th either individuals or as a group. Molly found the letter welcoming and interesting. Molly interested in ordering booklet and she going to do; if interested ordering 10 booklets have a price drop to \$2.50.

      We will purchase booklets for use by Friends.

Meeting closed with silence at 1:00pm.

Respectively submitted,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk