Minutes Meeting for Worship for Business August 2012

Attendance: Julie Roten-Valdez, Larry, Carlton Gamer, Joyce Doyle, Molly Wingate (clerk), Ann Daugherty , Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Jeremy Nelson (recording-clerk)

Clerk sit in silence ready for watching for the spirit as do we business.

  1. Approval of July Minutes

    Minutes accepted with Bill additions.

  2. Cash Flow Report

    Beginning balance 7/1 Ent 3,9 752.88, from that amount made mortgage payment, Molly and Sarah 753.88 3,346.89. \$533.60 in the Susan B. Anthony account \$33.85 earned in interest. Other reserves 5976, 3314.53 in other 2,908.14 at Ent. Friends Fiduciary \$\$\$ , Culver, 1000 total in building fund.

    Question: Building fund doesn't reflect roofing cost? No, payment happened in August, reporting July 1-31st. Larry volunteer? Second Thursday of every month to the Building meeting home. One concern is the acoustics, meeting any ideas. Email

    Cash flow report accepted. Julie comment very nice is that cash flow is positive.

  3. Committee Reports:

    a. Finance Committee

    [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) has been analyzing utilities
    were increasing but [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) checking
    accounting is increasing and good metric for gauging the if we
    can live within in our means. The Roofer was paid last week
    \$752.32 instead of a \$1,000. [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) is
    waiting for answer from the roofer if Ann bought a mail box. We
    have already paid for the post office box until December but we
    will change all mail to the Meeting House.
    Gutters have been purchased and installed is a gift from
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) that
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) gratefully noted to Business
    Upcoming expenses, Building Committee really wants electronic
    outlets in Basement for Young Friends. Add two outlets in the
    Basement, the Electrician will be running metal conduit to the
    basement, permit, fees, labor and equipments \$435. The gas
    heaters in the bathrooms are not safe convert to electric, labor
    materials \$735, both \$1,170. Question about if safe heaters
    blow out circuit for basement If and we remodel. No heat in the
    basement? If in and when we replace heaters in a remodel,
    extension reconfigured the bathrooms in the addition. We could
    also put a bathroom in the basement for first day school? Put in
    money that we later tear-down during a remodel.
    Gas heating verse electric heating and because we store
    chemicals that work better with constant. Gas heater's vent is
    not safe, single and to bring up to code would cost more than
    replacing nothing about the gas heaters are up to building code.
    How to Friend's feel about the suggestion? In agreement.
    Question about adding more boxes in the main Meeting room?
    Smarter to the [Julie](/Friends/JulieRotenValdez/) will give
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) her electrician. Problem we don't
    have the crawl conduit work in the Meeting House? Can it be run
    outside? We are dealing with asbestos in the siding? Outlet
    along the four walls? There is a panel. One on each wall?
    Accessible to whatever they do. [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/)
    will get with both electrician..
    Clerk proposes that the two outlets in the basement and
    electrical , [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) will ask. We are not
    in danger of blowing up the outlets and heater.
    Do we accept the Fiance Committee's as accepted? Yes.

    b. Nominating Committee

    No report

    c. Ministry and Oversight

    no report Question from Clerk? Sherry McMahon is a member. She
    may be able to attend at Building? Wonder if committee has
    reached out to her? M&O has completed all phone calls. Summarize
    at next Business Meeting.
    Next M&O meeting is August 27 at 3pm and are all welcome,
    usually the last Monday of the Month. Downstairs, where they
    should meeting? The August 27th M&O meeting will be at
    Durland's, possible shift to Meeting House.

    d. Education Committee

    No curriculum for summer. Please sign up to play games with the
    kids and kids of visitors.

    e. Adult Education and Action

    [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/), [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/),
    and [Jeremy](/Friends/JeremyNelson/). Ready to start classes
    again. Second Sunday of each month will have Adult Education.
    This year we will use ASFC's new study-guides on the Quaker
    Testimonies. One testimony every mouth.
    First meeting in September on the Second First Day and plan with
    will be testimonies booklet
    Recorder will send out an email the Library should order some
    more. Adult Education will meet downstairs. Is Joyce authorized
    to order a couple for the library? Yes. Genie is also liaison
    with FSNL and ASFC, responsibilities with action items and ASFC
    liaison new under Lucy Duncan. Since our committee of Adult
    Education and Action. Actions by ASFC will come through Adult
    Education and Action will be bring up.
    Question by Bill to AE&A planning on outward reach. Have some
    ideas with outside speakers that are relevant to the testomnies.
    Do Friends accept report from AE&A?

    f. Meeting Home

    Next Sunday scrape and paint window sills, housekeeping, and
    weed removal. Irrigation is ready to provide water. Outstanding
    projects for contractors is to fix acoustics. Gavin's recommends
    to bring in an acoustic engineer with knowledge of modern sound,
    guiding principles maintain acoustic of space. Electricity
    matters recommends we spend \$1,100. Daniel is trusted to repair
    bathroom's wall after new electric heaters.
    Heater. Repair first heater is 700 to 1,000. Housing Committee
    doesn't recommend to repair first heater because of age and lack
    of materials. Do we want to get a full ... Grant application to
    Friends for new heater and AC. Genie have working one heater
    wait until cold weather, if it not, we could use a space heater
    in that area without a heater. It may well be sufficient for the
    time being? Installation of ceiling fans? Space would be
    significantly more attractive to rent out with AC such as
    Weddings. Molly in Meeting House during the July in 3pm and the
    heat. Molly got a bid for insulation in attic is \$1400. All
    buildings lose heat through roof.
    [Carlton](/Friends/CarltonGamer/) mentioned that installing
    insulation a top priority. [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) asked
    about FGC grant is for the heater? The only thing Meeting Home
    recommends is the electrical repair. If we can wait until we
    hear about the grant result.
    Molly thanks Business Meeting.
    Pending Projects.
    Windows for the Basement - Daniel working on opening windows.
    Increase window well. Electrical outlets around the Meeting
    House. Move Fence to access backyard and bathrooms. Spider
    problem seems have taken care of itself.
    Lisa is working on the sign. Friends accept and thanks committee
    for their report. Bill and Carlton thanks the Housing Committee
    efforts on the buildings Molly said that the Meeting House
    reward, Meeting awarded Molly for this as the clerk. Pearl of
    the Meeting House while Molly may the sand. Molly encourages
    Friends to utilize the space. Encourage people to have committee

    g. Fund-raising Ad Hoc Committee

    Lisa, Molly, Bill Werling, and Ann. Business Meeting approve?
    Yes. Committee was wondering if we can apply to FSC for \$5000
    for new HVAC? New HVAC will be robust to handle any new
    November, since having heat is an urgent. Lisa has offer to
    write a draft of the grant? Asked for approve, yes.
    [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) said that committee instead of ad
    hoc? As an all call committee and being sub-committee of Finance
    Committee. Yes.
    Would like to raise money for small projects around the meeting
    house? Fund the prosed. Seeking a matching grant of \$2,000 and
    draft letters to other Quaker Meetings around the country?
    Approved. Sent a request to Ft. Collins meeting for the matching
    grant for a total of \$5,000. Ask some contribution of member's
    contributions as part of the fund-rising of matching. Rule of
    thumb, one and half times as part of matching grant. Norma Price
    had a matching grant \$2,000 and Meeting raised \$5,000. Friends
    can designate portion of contribution toward matching grant.
    These efforts will not raise for money for the addition total
  4. Old business

    a. Greeters at meeting

    Ann volunteer as a greater. Did Ann greet anyone? Yes, one
    person. Is this an useful. This is for late attenders. One thing
    discussion of M&O about later attenders. Nice to hear about less
    that regular attenders arrive on time. 40-60% come late. Half
    meeting Quakers. There are kinds of reasons for the meeting to
    considerate about late attenders. Ask about greeters.
    Address change on documentations, including book stamps. At the
    very least, the welcoming material be reprinted, perhaps new
    labels with print over existing stamps. Library go ahead a new
    In Tempe, greeters came a few minutes early and introduce
    service along with made point to talk with newcomers after
    Meeting for Worship is completed. M&O asked to figure out
    details of to consider our greetings and how we do it? No
    official opener for the meeting. 15 or 20 minutes early to open
    up. Key is here at the Meeting House. San Francisco meeting,
    during the Gulf War many attenders. Education. Greeter could do.
    Welcome packet include tract Guidelines for Vocal Ministry. Give
    to M&O to review and update and make it our? Put in welcome
    folder. Perhaps also include testomnies booklet.
    Ann mentioned that late attenders cannot sit for 30 minutes.
    What is done in other meetings. Personal information shared with
    M&O be very helpful, M&O could take Friends. If Attenders or
    Members need special accommodations notify M&O.
  5. New Business

    a. Open house for neighbors and wider community. Saturday in September Ann would have access to send out letters to neighbors. September 22nd first day of Autumn, Carlton mentioned that wee. Should we have find out a good date for Friends not present.

    What about October Saturday the 13th? 2-4pm? Yes.
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) volunteer to send out blank
    postcards? Invite JSP, other churches, we don't need to have
    program and [Julie](/Friends/JulieRotenValdez/) will work on the
    food. [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/),
    [Julie](/Friends/JulieRotenValdez/) and
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) and
    [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/). People sign up to bring food.
    Oct. 13th.

    b. Helen Knutson member living in Wyoming. Ann Grant will meet Helen half way to pick up Roz's members. Rings can be sold for \$200, recommendation we sell rings we use the money to get a comfortable chair for the library.

  6. Announcements

    Colorado Regional Meeting will be in Estes Park (October 19-21) is going to focus on the diversity in our own spiritual community as Quakers...

    "How do you experience living a spirit-led life? Would you be willing to share your experience? How would you be willing to share it? Would you be willing to be interviewed? Do you express your spirituality creatively ... e.g., music, dance, other ways?"

    You will soon be able to find the registration form at IMYM.org under the Colorado Regional folder.

    Is the Meeting House available for Peace attenders to stay overnight. Genie will get exact dates or even if there is a need for sleeping space. About 30 people, maybe 10 or half need sleeping space. More details coming.

  7. Meeting closed in silence at 1:08pm

Respectively submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk