Minutes for Meeting for Worship for Business

Attendance: Joyce Doyle, Genie Durland, Molly Wingate, Sarah Callbeck, Jeremy Nelson, Lisa Lister.

Meeting started with silence, Molly comment with gratitude people attending Business Meeting. Genie needs to leave earlier and attend

  1. Approval of June Minutes - approved with changes.

  2. Cash Flow Reports

    Reports distributed 7/11. Clerk asked if there is preference for how cash flow report is read at Business Meeting, full report or highlights? We encouraged finance clerk just related the highlight and it is not necessary to read entire report.

    Pretty unanimous among Friends, redirect all funds targeted to building fund to general fund. Current ending balance at the end of June. \$3,294.74 cents in checking account. At the moment we are trending water and holding stable.

    Small building fund deposit portion to pledge, the current total savings includes emergency reserves \$2,907.89. The amount remaining in the building fund, a Ent saving \$2,314.53, 1,400 left of Meeting House projects, roof payment. Sarah took all contributions to building funds at the end of April are all. Prudent reserve, some money has gone into the building fund, difference between 2,300 and 1,400 is mortgage reserve. We have \$400 dollars left over for building house projects. We are still buying supplies. After July's expenses, likely down to 300 for Building House fund. We are always going to try to keep about \$10,000 in prudent emergency reserves.

    Molly would like to celebrate the fact that two major issues for the Meeting House, the roof and the furnace, pause and reflect how great it is that we as the small Meeting able to support.

    The Meeting accepts the cash flow with gratitude.

  3. Committee Reports:

    a. Clerk report - the clerk transition between Ginger and Molly was easy and painless involved Molly appreciative to meeting and officers to make the transition seamless. Sarah noticed from IMYM that we as a small grateful and praiseful that the spirit is in us so much that we are able to do the business of the meeting without the hardship that other Meetings experience

    b. Finance Committee Report distributed, hold mid-year letters and sent out to Friends. Secure mailbox for Meeting House reduce cost of mailbox at Post Office. The Furnace discussion will come in the Meeting Home report. Roofing costs we are waiting for a final bill with in detail from the Roofing Company with costs and our payments.

    Item action - there was a concern about the process of renting
    out the [finance committee report]. Any number of issues
    surrounding renting out Meeting House reports, Meeting House
    committee also discussed. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/)
    thoughts we are not ready to rent, until we have up to code and
    safe heat in the bathrooms, we are not ready for renting. There
    are sorts of things we are involved that we could bring meetings
    here. We don't have the storage capacity to support renting out
    space. Encourage Friends to how we can use the Meeting House for
    our events? We don't have enough chairs to support,
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) so thankful to
    [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) about keeping this issue
    Meeting accepts the report.

    c. Nominating Committee - Request to approve Bill Werling as a new member, replacing Molly Wingate. Molly representing committee, Bill join nominating committee to replace Molly, Bill is anxious to serve the Meeting, Jonathan and Bill. Bill doesn't attend all meetings, but he keeps up-to-date and would be a good addition.

    Meeting accepts the report.

    d. Ministry and Oversight

    1.  Mission statement language comes straight from IMYM Faith
        and Practice. Because Colorado Springs Quakers are so small,
        we wanted to include Oversight language so M&O can
        responsible for any matters that come includes M&O
        Meeting accepts Mission Statement.
    2.  Email from Ed Cerns IMYM Directory, with Meeting approval,
        sends email to everyone on the list that we share directory
        with IMYM, [Jennifer Roberts](/Friends/JenniferRoberts/) and
        [Pam Hazeleton](/Friends/PamHazeleton/) will be contacted by

    e. Education Committee

    No curriculum for summer. Please sign up to play games with the
    kids and kids of visitors. Transform basement into space that
    Adult Education can also the room, kids made decisions about
    what should stay or go, young friends will be creating a mobile
    with paper cranes from IMYM.

    f. Meeting Home

    Progress on projects. We are satisfied with the roofing
    companies, work. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) thanks
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) for keeping contractors and solved
    potential problems.
    Discussed need for sound modification, one idea is bring in an
    acoustic engineer? [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) remembered
    how sound before the renovation, we didn't really know how the
    sound would have behave. Should we talk with sound engineer?
    [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) thinks we should talk with expert
    and then decide what to do, [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) will
    also bring in [Galvin](/Friends/GalvinMurphy/) to help with
    coming with questions for expert.
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) will take the lead. Two wedding
    bands appraised on the quilt, are we okay about cashing in gold?
    [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/) advises not to waste money on
    appraiser if we want to sell, just directly sell to jeweler
    and/or gold.
    Helen has a number of things for the meeting in Wyoming, does
    [Daniel](/Friends/DanielKidney/) want to do this and she wants
    the quilt. [Daniel](/Friends/DanielKidney/) looking into
    insulation in roof, fix a number of window sills. Jennifer
    looking at different ways to get rid of spiders without
    Friends need to take trash and recyclables, Meeting doesn't have
    trash service.
    Planning for work day, Sunday, July 22 at the rise of meeting.
    Mop the floor Super shine all recommended for Meeting home
    floors. Scrapers, paint brushes, paint, and primer.
    Meeting accepts report.

    g. Library Report

    Thanks [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/),
    [Jennifer](/Friends/JenniferRoberts/) books from father's
    library, [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/) 's friend Fran, magazine
    holders and binders, labels. The upstairs the inventory and
    categories, kid's library hasn't been inventoried. Talked to
    [Lisa](/Friends/LisaLister/) and
    [Jeremy](/Friends/JeremyNelson/) about retention of pamphlets
    and how long to retain. [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/) requested
    last library inventory so she can update. Making progress.
    Meeting thanks [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/) and accepts report.
  4. Old business

    a. Greeters for meeting/ arrangements for late comers to meeting for worship. Molly feels that right now we don't have problem, still keep this matter to discuss? Joyce wonders if Friend coming to the door and sit at outside of meeting. Ad hoc, easy solution, pass responsibility around over time. Super easy to do, and not have long-term commitment. Maybe week-by-week or monthly. Sign on "greeter chair", striving for simplicity. Molly doesn't have a problem with more of a long term commitment likes the idea of greeter. Concern or commit for a couple of months. Like the idea of greeter chair. Ann will do it for the next four weeks.

  5. New Business

    a. Fund raising plan outline from Molly - attached. Bill Werling to help Molly with fund-raising. If we want to build addition or make any big changes will require fund-raising. Coming up with letter about work has been done, express specific items that can be paid for, Molly has envelopes and list of past donors. Donor with matching grant. Molly will work with Lisa about grants from larger Quaker organization. Daniel put a donation box up shaped like a Meeting House.

    Need to get in grant application to Friends Meeting House,
    request refinancing plus addition. Request that Finance
    committee, is refinancing is a good idea? We are going to
    refinance, would it be a good idea to refinance sooner? Meeting
    House to come up with projects and estimated costs for grants.

    b. Open house for neighbors and wider community, are we ready for this step? Sarah yes we should, and more the neighborhood, potluck and/or bbq before it gets cold. What about September? Big rug and better chairs before open house. Maybe try for Spring? Ann ofter ideas about rearranging cloth panels, such as used for cubicles, Ann will look into the options. Linda as an aesthetics expert, will be consulted about any of these ideas.

    [Lisa](/Friends/LisaLister/) will look into large piece of rug
    that all chairs and look into screens and panels.
    Open house with food in Meeting house and backyard.
  6. Announcements

  1. Recording clerk has set up new email address, recording-clerk@coloradospringsquakers.org, that he will route all Meeting's email and announcements through, he explained that using his personal email results in him accidentally spamming his entire contact list with Meeting's business. Friends can still email to jermnelson@gmail.com but outgoing email will be from new email address.
  1. Colorado Regional Meeting will be meeting here on July 29th. Please plan to be part of a potluck for them at the rise of meeting.

  2. Newsletter and announcements will be on the library table for your perusal.

La Fuente in Alamosa is doing a great deal for agriculture workers and their annual newsletter/booklet is fun to read.

  1. Lisa asked about a permanent place for donation box? Move to front, table in the middle of Meeting, remind Friends about location of donation box on library table.

    Lisa will also look into possible benches for sale by Ohio Meeting.

Meeting closed with silence at 1:10 pm.

Respectively submitted in the Light,

Jeremy Nelson Recording Clerk