Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

June 10, 2012

In Attendance: Ginger Morgan (clerk), Molly Wingate, Lisa Lister, Martha Lutz, Carlton Gamer, Ann Daugherty, Jeremy Nelson, Joyce Doyle, Daniel Kidney, Jennifer Roberts

  1. Open Worship in Silence 11:42am

    Thinking this morning of the practice of graditute, power spiritual practice around perspective. How does it relate to Friends testimonies? Most obvious answer to Ginger graditute supports simplicity. An acknowledgement of what is good, a letting go of what we don't have, kind of craving that Buddhist. Graditute for what is good. Never made that connection, associated with graditute new age or 12 steps programs, new insight on how graditute supports simplicity.

  2. Approval of May minutes Yes, any corrections or concerns? Meeting approves and accepts the Minutes for fifth month.

  3. Cash Flow Report Questions or clarifications? Beginning balance in May \$3,544.27, deposited in May \$586.03, transfer of \$5,656.97 from Susan B. Anthony fund. Total outlays of \$12,637.65. Present balance 3,074.62.

    Emergency Reserve ENT Credit Union \$532.83, other reserves at ENT is 59.76. Current balance is 2,842.65. Reserve Fund at Friends Fiduciary is 2,715.26. \$305 in donations to General Fund and \$75 for Building Fund.

  4. Committee Reports:

    a. Finance Committee

    i.  Revised budget update
        The main reason to revise the budget was the new meeting
        house. Need to set certain set aside for insurance. The
        mortgage is a new account. Waiting for amortization schedule
        from the lender, other new accounts are maintenance account,
        hospitality supplies \$100, utilities \$175 a month based on
        actual cost.
        Finance committee report we are on track up-to-date, pledges
        and amount. We have a projected shortfall of \$4,000
        incoming although we have a prudent reserve to cover. We
        need to start figuring out to bring in more funds from
        renting out space and/or increase in donations. Increase of
        expenses include additional \$500 accounting services.
        Deepest graditute and especially to
    ii. Dispersement recommendations
        Local distribution of \$100.00 with the updated list. New
        Foundations Nonviolence Center hasn't had a donation since
        Feb 2008. Facility workshops in Canon City. Good training
        for nonviolence. A lot of organizations that provide food,
        food supplies are running low. Food donations decrease in
        the summer. We have never given to Silver Key food bank.
        Ecumenical Services Ministries might know where need is
        greatest, they provide additional information on their
        services. Care & Share Food bank provides, split \$100,
        50/50 between Silver Key and Care & Share.

    b. Nominating Committee

    i.  Replacement for [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/),
        [Jonathan](/Friends/JonathanMcPhee/) and
        [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) current members.
        [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) is standing down as she
        assumes Clerk duties. [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/)
        service is opportunity for spiritual growth and service.
        Spirit will move. What is the charge of the Nominating
        Committee? Find Friends to fulfill and match talents and
        experiences with opportunities for services. Let
        [Jonathan](/Friends/JonathanMcPhee/) know if you are
        interested. Question, can you have a committee with just one
        member? No, also committee member needs to be able to attend

    c. Ministry and Oversight

    i.  [Val Phillips](/Friends/ValPhillips/) transfer of
        membership. [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/) wants to transfer
        her membership from Mountain Friends to Colorado Springs
        Meeting. She lives in Gardner, with intentional community
        and organic farms, not only Quakers there is a worship group
        under care of the Mountain Friends Meeting.
        M&O hasn't had a clearness committee with
        [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/) but she has expressed interest.
        Need to have a clearness committee to see the way clear for
        both [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/) and our meeting.
        [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) can schedule a clearness
        committee for [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/) to transfer,
        [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) and
        [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/) will come up with the clearness
        committee. M&O will make recommendation if they find
        clearness to transfer [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/)'s
    ii. Gardner Worship Group Request for care of Gardner Worship
        Group, does the Colorado Springs Meeting have the capacity
        for this? [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/),
        [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/), and
        [Nancy](/Friends/NancyAndrew/). Does Colorado Springs
        Meeting have the ability to nurture the Worship Group to
        become a full Monthly Meeting.
        It would be advisability if Colorado Springs Meeting worship
        with Gardner Worship Group.
        Transfer of [Val](/Friends/ValPhillips/)'s membership is the
        first step towards accepting care for Gardner Worship Group
        by Meeting. Expectations of Monthly Meeting towards Worship
        Groups under its care.
    iii. Memorial for Dede Martha has been contact with Dede's
        daughter Jennifer. She and her family are just doing one
        gathering on the 24th at Margirtias. When
        [Martha](/Friends/MarthaLutz/) knows the exact time, she
        will forward announcement to Meeting.
    iv. M&O has a discretionary funds for Philip Brasfield
    v.  Meeting recommends that M&O use Faith and Practice mission
        statement. M&O work on calendar of requirements and process
        during the year. Incoming clerk request to all committees
        that they know their responsibilities, reports including
        State of Meeting report, census, and membership.
        Hope to finish with yearly contact of meetings members and

    d. Meeting House

    i.  Work days at meeting house, easiest if Work Day is after the
        forth first day after meeting.
    ii. Roof repair, things weren't as seemed, seller's insurance
        company will only replace the Westside of the roof. For
        another \$1,000 we can get a whole new roof. We are
        receiving \$6,083 from Seller's insurance, cost \$8,800.43
        to replace the whole root. Don't think they need to replace
        wood shake singles. Remove two layers of asphalt shingles
        and first plywood.
        Two things that are pending; hail damage price increase for
        supplies. Ginger needs copies of contract. Finance committee
        approves. What about other bids? Biggest issue is the
        steepness of the roof, many roofing contractors would not
        provide bid due to liability.
        Might start in the next week or two if contract is signed.
        Include new East side gutter. Could the Meetinghouse
        Committee with the Finance committee coordinate agree to
        move forward with guttering? Seamless gutters? Yes. Sense of
        the meeting to give Meetinghouse and Finance approval go
        ahead to move forward about replacement and adding gutters
        and report back to the Meeting.
    iii. Heater repair Got a bid about fixing furnace? Can we live
        with just one heater? One won't light. Need more
        investigation. Is there a way for someone to look at
        non-working furnace. One challenge is that due to the age of
        the heaters is parts are available. Can heater be repaired
        easily? All duct work with 90% efficiency furnace is \$8k,
        additional \$3k for Air Conditioning. Not sure if we need
        AC. Clarification, two things will happen.
        1.  hire expert to see about repairing existing furnace.
        2.  [Jennifer](/Friends/JenniferRoberts/) will investigate
        3.  If repair is under \$200, then move forward out of
            renovation fund or furnace prudent reserve.
        What about plumbing? The plumbing in the bathrooms are
        protected with individual heaters.
    iv. [Daniel](/Friends/DanielKidney/) looking at fixing loose
        light and will work on a temporary solution to open the
        windows in the basement. [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) will
        work on electric outlets and heaters in the basement.
        Question about hanging up bulletin board? Consider options.
        Recommend the formation of Grounds subcommittee to focus on
        outside, Meetinghouse committee focus on building. Sit with
        recommendation about the Grounds? Don't know if this needs
        another committee.
        Big tree not being watered. During work day, to run hose
        figure out how to water during Meeting.

    e. First Day School Committee

    Wanting to revisit the schedule and strategy for First Day
    School? Best way to get in touch with Jon? Ginger will be
    following up.

    f. Adult Religious Education and Action Committee

    Book group reading Eco-minded discussion tomorrow night at
    Meetinghouse. Send suggestions to [Ann
    Margret](/Friends/AnnGrantMargret/) for contacting and

    g. Library In progress, updating and moving books. Books on a shelf. Journals to be added on shelves. We have enough bookshelves in the Meeting. Jennifer will be donating Tup books and Joyce will review. Retention policy for material. First step for Joyce library retention policy, assume value for having material.

  5. Old Business

    a. Haven't received any information about Colorado Regional assessments.

  6. New Business

    a. State of Meeting Report Approval

    b. IMYM Directory of Adult members and attenders

    c. Friends Mountain Camp Queries from IMYM

    d. Resignation of Clerk

    e. Greeters for Meeting for Worship

    [Martha](/Friends/MarthaLutz/) good idea, helper for new
    attenders, willing to do it one time month. Might fall under M&O
    and Meeting coordinate greeters with
    [Maria](/Friends/MariaMelendez/). Mixed reactions, both positive
    and negative about use of name-tags. Friends who are interested
    to be greeters should contact [Maria](/Friends/MariaMelendez/).
    Ask M&O to come up with procedures for handling latecomers.

    f. Philip Brasfield contribution

    g. Molly would like to set up a matching fund grants for specific projects. Molly sends thanks with an opportunity for soliciting matching grants to donations \$3,000. People respond well to specific needs and costs.

    h. Meeting consensus supports Friends Fiduciary disinvestiment from Caterpillar involvement in destroying Palestine home

    i. Meeting would like to formally thank Ginger for her leadership and qualities as clerk, very, very very, very welcome. Ginger thank Meeting for supporting her since 1987 and a great honor to serve the meeting.

  7. Announcements

    a. Molly is soliciting donations of yarn for a group that knits scarfs and hats for homeless veterans.

Meeting closed in slience at 1:25pm

Respectfully submitted in the Light,

Jeremy Nelson, Recording Clerk