Minutes for Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business

February 19, 2012

In attendance: Ginger Morgan (clerk), Carlton Gamer, Sarah Callbeck, Bill Durland, Genie Durland, Molly Wingate , Jeremy Nelson (recording clerk), Joyce Doyle, Julie Roten-Valdez

  1. Open Worship in Silence at 11:35am

    Ginger opened with the quote " it is inside ourselves that God learns"

  2. January minutes and Special Meeting Minute approved with slight adjustments for typos (name corrections).

  3. Cash Flow Report

    Lisa is ill and apologizes for not being at meeting. Current balance \$5478 in checking account, about to pay assessments for 2012, \$35 from IMYM 42 per member and attender In the emergency reserve \$589.00. Special one time dividend \$25.03 from Ent, moved to emergency reserve. Total savings with building Bottom line total \$67,739. Thank-you for continued services by the finance committee work.

  4. Committee Reports

a. Finance Committee

Announcement and Recommendation regarding bookkeeping

In minute [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/)'s work has increased when
she first volunteered, no longer has time increased in amount of
work made it difficult to focus and do her job as bookkeeper step
down until Meeting can find someone to pay to be bookkeeper. In
the last round of doing financial statements,
[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) realized that spreadsheets too
complicated, recommend using Quickbooks, much simpler, less time,
and less money. [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) brings forth
proposal for Meeting to purchase Quickbook Pro 2012, she will set
up accounts, current cost on Amazon is \$135.99 per license. Is
Quickbook Pro standard for bookkeepers? Yes, there is a non-profit
but more expensive than just the straight Quickbook Pro version.
Very usable, program. Only caveat is that every few years Quicken
requires an upgrade.

[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) notified Meeting that she could
no longer be bookkeeper but would clerk [Finance
committee](/committees/Finance/) and train
[Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) as a bookkeeper. Recommendation that
Meeting contract for Bookkeeper services. Budget will need to be
reconfigured to reflect new service and Quickbook Pro license.
Meeting returns matter to Finance committee for purchase
Quickbooks and look for bookkeeper services. Finance go forward
with revised budget and bring to the meeting. Sarah will load 1st
quarter into Quickbooks to see how long to generate financial
reports, some time savings offset cost of software package.
Meeting expresses gratitude towards
[Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/)'s assistance and
[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/)'s continued assistance.

Finance usually sends out notice about assessments instead of
printed letter, will be sending out email instead.

b. Ministry and Oversight

Reviewed customary duties of
[Ginger](/Friends/GingerMorgan/) sends email to friends for State
of Meeting report. Solicit Friends of meeting feel free to report
how their life in the past year has been reflected in light of
Quaker testimonies. Friends please report quaker engagement

[Dede](/Friends/Dede) time is coming to an end, haven't been able
to get an nurse to come. Trying to get a nurse, need to find a
nurse and needs hospice care. Molly talked with number of family
members, both Sarah and Dede with final requests, family liked
that Meeting was a process for after her passing. Forms in clerk
box? Not sure where location of clerk box, meeting will do search
for clerk's box.

Outreach to Jennifer (Tup's daughter) for memorial with M&O.

Transfer of Membership for Deb Gimpelson to [Kapiti Monthly
[Ginger](/Friends/GingerMorgan/) prepared transfer and Meeting
commends transfer to Kapiti Monthly Meeting.

Update on charge for proposed [Religious Education and Action
Committee](/committees/REA/) Discussed and ongoing conversation
and further seasoning before being before Meeting, want to
formalize and do something in the light. Bill will accept
clerkship with [M&O](/committees/MinistryAndOversight/).

c. Meeting Home

Sent out minutes from Meeting committee, had a deep and meaningful
conversation. Assumes \$476-500 monthly mortgage with 8% with 5
year balloon payment. Pay down the principal or refinance. FGC
will do 15-year mortgage.

Update on offer on 950 E. Cimmarron

Interest in next door house, Meeting made an offer, expecting a
counter-offer. Put some money down with Title company. Once a
contract is signed, contact inspectors renovation option. How much
can we change for how much, administrative overhead, will have at
least a month to work out. We are anticipating counter-offer.
Several stages for Meeting to attend to process \$35,000 down,
\$500 a month mortgage. Financing rate and the reminder, seller
might carry mortgage. Counter-offer, series of due diligence and
renovation of first-day space. Will building meet Meeting needs,
want inspectors tell us and prudent reserve what we continue to
afford, 1 full year of expenses without any more contributions.
\$12,000 towards maintenance and renovation before needing further
fundraising. How much renovation can we do before triggering
bringing building up to code, before we close need other elements
in place including renovation and bringing building up to code.

Building approved original contract, a counter-offer brings new
contract. If Ann and Bryan approves counter, meeting approves
counter-offer now during Business Meeting. Any concerns about
[Ginger](/Friends/GingerMorgan/) accepting a counter-offer with
counsel, authorizing Clerk. We've been through this multiple
times, go ahead. If Clerk has reservations, share with Friends
through email along with expert councils. Clerk will feel quite
free to share decision with meeting. Clerk fill confidence of
Meeting to go further. Sense of this meeting Clerk in consultation
with wise friends and affiliated people, will provides with due
care about this decision. Past experience has been good guide for
the Meeting.

House next door, [Peter](/Friends/PeterLeVar/) and
[Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) looked for sale. \$70,000 is the
current offer, owner almost sold but that large kitchen, indoor
bathroom, garden space. Building in foreclosure,
[Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) would like to find out status of
house. Area in Colorado Springs, prices still down.

d. Education Committee

Pending on what [M&O](/committees/MinistryAndOversight/) decides
about [Adult Education and Action](/committees/REA/) separate from
[First Day School](/FirstDaySchool).

[Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/) agreed to be clerk for [Adult
Education](/committees/REA/). Sense that things may grow out of
learning situation. Larger meetings have a program hour, a lot of
people stay about various programs. Wondering if program hour of
interest to the Meeting? Also have a book study? Book study a part
of [Adult Education](/committees/REA/) Friends should bring
suggestions to [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/).
[Martha](/Friends/MarthaLutz/) and [John](/Friends/JohnGallegar)
will be getting together to figure out first day school

e. Library

Nothing to report.
  1. Old Business

a. Consideration of contract/offer made on 950 E. Cimmarron

Discussed earlier in meeting.

b. Other considerations (remodeling, adjacent property, etc.)

c. Awaiting certificate of transfer for Jeremy Nelson from Salt Lake Meeting

d. FCNL postponed, need to set time and strategy for FCNL discussion. Genie liaison, next pot-luck Genie and Bill will be Philadelphia. We need to submit preference by middle of April. Two forth day Sunday's, and potluck in April. Call special after worship, how do Friends feel about a special meeting? Greater attendance at a potluck, send out email, recommendation April potluck to consider FCNL material to meeting annouce discuss at April potluck.

  1. New Business

a. Colorado Springs Quakers Website questions

1.  What aspects of the current website (/) do Friends like? Adult
    education and needs to update information. Material we share
    is up to date. Should be participatory and members without a
    gatekeeper functionality by Sarah and Jeremy.

    Sarah wish-list:

    > a.  Freeze banner a top instead of moving around.
    > b.  Member position of, how to update? With contact
    >     information?
    > c.  Create an administrator's manual. How to navigate or
    >     accomplish tasks on the website?
    > d.  Fix adding of new users functionality. Ann Martin, her
    >     password doesn't work. Administrator cannot change.
    > e.  Looking at reports business meeting, report tab. Post
    >     current year and have an archive of prior years.
    Molly feels different about the look and stylish appearance,
    when she uses the site. Likes that is user friendly, look
    forward to use calendar and checking. Likes basic information,
    links to other Quaker sites useful. How to post committee
    reports and minutes on website? Work with recording clerks.

    Browsing about Colorado Springs Quakers? Searching with search
    engine, get search terms in website for higher Quaker
    Meetings, Friends in Colorado Springs. What is the situation
    about Friends Church compared to Quaker Meetings, Friends
    Church has dropped Religious Society of Friends, difference
    between the two. More people use internet to find our Meeting,
    Quaker Finder well-know, well-respected location for our
    meeting. List of sites for Meeting, make sure we are cross

    First page needs to say what we are, simple explanition of who
    we are and what we stand for? Something from welcome packet,
    more buttons, about us the first, donation first item. News of
    the meeting. What is on first page? What is central on front
    page? Meeting home picture on the first, news. Like buttons,
    add contacts, people tab with committee clerks and business
    information. Functionality for committee, FGC and IMYM

    IMYM website, documents, contact people side links. Colorado
    Springs Friends Meeting is recent origin, but [Religious
    Society of Friends](/ReligiousSocietyOfFriends) goes back to
    the beginning of our founding.

    Compress site, more information and side-bars for more
    information and live links. About us, keep website current,
    get people to do update. Glad to work corporally, impression
    that website is old. Molly quit updating content.
    [Joyce](/Friends/JoyceDoyle/) searching organizational
    websites frustrating to see old content and not up-to-date.
    Upmost importance to keep website current, logistical
    difficulties. Some attention as a meeting, are there some
    things that we want to be stable and b) keep current with
    contact. See if continue to support and effort and improving

    Current site is pilot and needs updating.

b. IMYM Directory of Adult members and attenders

If Friends don't want to be included, must OPT-Out to
[Ginger](/Friends/GingerMorgan/) or
[Jeremy](/Friends/JeremyNelson/). We will honor wishes of Friends.
We will resend and update directory and then send to IMYM.

c. IMYM 2012 Census

[Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) would like to turn over census
and email to [M&O](/committees/MinistryAndOversight/), leave for
[Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) and [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/)
to work out.

d. Dedicate March potluck Daniel's graduation from CC? He is moving back to up state New York after graduation. Martha will inquiry which date is best for Daniel.

  1. Announcements

Closed in silence.

Respectfully submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson

Recording Clerk