Minutes for Meeting for Worship for Business

Present: Genie Durland, Lisa Lister, Ann Daugherty, Molly Wingate, Carlton Gamer, Jeremy Nelson, Bill Durland, Sarah Callbeck, Joyce Doyle, Linda Seger.

  1. Meeting opened in silence. Molly are meetings for worship for business, considered the following queries from the Fort Collins Friends Newsletter

    1. Are our monthly meetings held in the spirit of a meeting for worship in which we, in love and mutual respect, seek divine guidance?

    2. How effectively do members of the meeting temper and strengthen individuals our meetings for business lead to a corporate search for and revelation of the Light?

    3. As difficult problems arise, are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds receptive to creative solutions?

    4. Do we avoid pressure of time, neither unnecessarily prolonging nor unduly full discussion?

  2. Approval of November Minutes, thanks Lisa for taking minutes. The meeting approved the minutes.

  3. Cash Flow Reports. Sarah presented, nothing particular remarkable in the checking account. Try to keep \$2,000 average in checking account. No activity in savings or reserves other than FGC grant deposited into building fund reserve. The other amount was other money designated for the building fund as a result of pledge letters. \$6,000 in building fund, total building \$16,419.21, does not include checking. Molly asked about if the \$6,000 included in \$16,419.21? Sarah replied that the \$16,000 does not include the building fund. Approved by the Meeting.

  4. Clerk's report: I am happy to say that our first Show and Tell went very well. About a dozen people gathered and heard about Carlton's, Linda's, and Molly work.

    We will be having a Christmas Eve meeting for worship on December 24 at 5 PM. Ann Grant Martin will be leading Christmas Carols at the meeting. Molly will be candles.

  5. Committee Reports:

    a. Finance Committee - reports sent out. Sarah sent around a job description of the for the bookkeeper's part-time position. Sarah putting in financial information into the QuickBooks, keeping this updated will be easier than she thought. Sarah will accept the bookkeeper's position upon the recommendation of the Lisa and Ann. She will just accept what is on the sheet and keep within in the budget. Meeting wholeheartedly agreed and welcome Sarah to her new role.

    The Finance Committee seeks approval of the proposed 2012-2013
    budget. At this point 12,000 pledged for 2013, we are in process
    of paying down that will affect the cash flow including the
    mortgage and insurance reserve. Insurance is on the budget
    twice; once for the reserve and the bookkeeping entry. We made
    it through 2012, with only \$2,000 deficit for 2013.
    [Molly](/Friends/MollyWingate/) thanks Finance committee for the
    proposed budget, it looks like the Meeting will be able to stay
    within the budget. [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) also noted
    that we have been under \$175 for \$176.30 deficit per month,
    [Sarah](/Friends/SarahCallbeck/) hopes that we can make that in
    rental income. Budget approved with appreciation for all the
    Finance Committee's hard work.
    Striving for a six month mortgage and utilities permanent
    reserve. Trying to keep \$2,000 checking balance. Reminds
    members and attenders that at end of year donation.
    Suggestions for local distributions. We have \$100.00 New
    Foundations, proposed we send \$25
    1.  New Foundations
    2.  TESSA
    3.  American Friends Service Committee Colorado
    4.  Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission
    i.  Fund-raising Committee (ad hoc) We are preparing a
        fundraising and thank you letter to meeting who have already
        supported us. The letter will go out in January.
    Meeting approved distribution. Finance committee's report

    b. Nominating Committee - Bill Werling happly announced that Lisa will become the librarian. Genie and Bill Werling looking for new treasurer. Julie Roten-Valdez has expressed interest to joining M&O, nominating committee will go through the process. Report accepted by the meeting.

    c. Ministry and Oversight - Quick a report, conducted M&O. Attached Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, removed statement by of life imprisonment without the chance for parole. Molly mailed print copy of approved. Bill read statement:

    1.  Do we support this statement as a minute? After question
        from [Carlton](/Friends/CarltonGamer/), statement accepted
        as a Minute. [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/) and
        [Jeremy](/Friends/JeremyNelson/) will coordinate formal
        submission. [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) has volunteered to
        be the contact for Coloradans for the Abolition of the Death
        Penalty. [Bill](/Friends/BillDurland/) will be leaving M&O
        with [Ann Grant Martin](/Friends/AnnGrantMargret/) replacing
        and [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) will be clerk. Report
        accepted by the Meeting.

    d. First Day School Committee - No Report.

    e. Adult Education and Action Committee - Announcement of the change of schedule. Molly has put up a change jar the Mesa House.

    f. Meeting Home

    1.  Report about replacing the heater.
        [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) had an eMeeting with the
        Finance Committee. What we expected in saving would take a 7
        years to be offset costs. Two options were explored with 92%
        efficient furnace. With support of Finance Committee will
        dip into reserve funds. With concern expressed about the
        carbon footprint of A/C, Meeting Home recommends to just
        install new furnace with new insulation and ceiling fans. We
        may revisit this decision if lack of A/C detracts from
        renting Meeting House in the summer and may apply for
        further grant. Discussed were characteristics of fans
        including placement, appearances, and silence.
        Does the Meeting trust the Meeting Home to make decisions
        regarding the furnace, fans, etc.?
        Hoping that any kind of furnace make a point to the
        installer that we prefer less noise the better. This can be
        a problem. Acoustics... Question about the need for A/C?
        Last summer, the temperature was uncomfortable. This may
        change with ceiling fans and insulation. Friends come to
        consensus that we should proceed with the 92% furnace, with
        insulation and fans. Thermostat and a timer for new furnace
        to minimize use during meeting for worship. Meeting Home
        will proceed immediately, [Ann](/Friends/AnnDaugherty/) will
        contact electric, furnace, and insulation bid, heating and
        wiring as soon as possible. Approved.
    2.  Work day, December 23 at the rise of meeting
        a.  First Day School is painting a mural downstairs
        b.  Clean bathrooms, dust, vacuum/sweep and mop floors up
            and downstairs

    g. Library Report, Meeting thanks Joyce for her report. The report includes donations for this year and for the past three years including purchased titles. Proposed that inventory be made available on the website. Molly donated her new book and a folder about the process our Meeting has gone through to reach our new Meeting House.

  6. Old business

    a. Signs for religious education and bathrooms. Signs done but need to printed.

    b. Do we need a "steward" of the building? Question should be put forward to nominating? Discuss with Peter, who has experience with previous stewardship, about responsibilities about heat and about managing renting Meeting House. Clerk asked that Nominating Committee talk with Peter about getting a job description for Meeting consideration.

    c. Status of property tax bill. Meeting received a tax bill that predates our purchasing the home, but we still have to deal with the bill we have received.

    d. Welcoming our Friend and visitor from Durango

    e. Status of new website? Jeremy asked to send around the link to the new website for comments and calendar. Need PayPal integration testing.

    f. Molly encourage Friends to market Meeting House for occasional or regular use by other like-minded organizations and for weddings, etc.

  7. New Business

    a. Colorado Springs will be the host of the Spring gathering of Colorado Regional Meeting April 28th, 2013, so we might want to make some preparations.

  8. Announcements

    a. IMYM Continuing Committee, Tempe, AZ, January 11-13, 2013 more info: (www.imym.org)

    b. IMYM Annual Gathering Ghost Ranch, NM June 6-16, 2013. Check website for more information.

    c. Friends General Conference, Greeley, CO June 30-July 6th (more info: www.fgc.org)

    d. IMYM Directory available by request,

    "One Meeting Clerk has asked me if it's ok to forward the
    electronic copies to everyone on her Meeting email list.
    Although this has not been discussed at Continuing Committee, I
    suggested to her that that was not a good idea; it might be
    interpreted as 'okaying' general distribution to those not
    members or active attenders of Meetings. I suggested instead
    that we only send it to individuals in each Meeting who request
    Ed Kearns, Chair, IMYM Directory Committee
    [Genie](/Friends/GenieDurland/) requested a copy of the

Closed with silence at 12:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted in the light,

Jeremy Nelson Recording Clerk