Meeting for Worship for Business

February 13, 2011


In attendance: Carlton Gamer, clerk, Molly Wingate, recording clerk, Lisa Lister, treasurer, Ann Daugherty, book keeper, Martha Lutz, Joyce Doyle, Deb Chitwood, Genie Durland, Bill Durland, Sarah Callbeck.

We opened at 11:20 with silence. Carlton offered the following query: Do we respond to that of God in everyone?

  1. Approval of January Minutes
  2. Approved as presented
  3. Committee Reports:
  4. Report on IMYM Continuing Committee meeting in January
  5. Bill spoke about the discussions at the Continuing Committee and referred us to the report that he submitted. He also presented the IMYM clerk's summary.
  6. He expressed his concern for the diminution of service opportunities for Friends at IMYM. The Task Force on Service that was set up at IMYM in June was never organized and hasn't met; whereas the other two task forces that were set up in June have met and submitted report. Simultaneously two service projects have been recommended to be abandoned due to lack of action. Bill is concerned that service is being hamstrung.
  7. Bill had concerns also about the finances of IMYM's Faith and Practice being sold through FGC.
  8. Genie urged Colorado Springs Friends to consider being on the IMYM nominating committee.
  9. Because of the meeting's ongoing and strong interest in offering service opportunities through IMYM, the meeting urged Bill Durland to state our concerns about service in his interaction IMYM.
  10. Treasurer's and Finance Committee
  11. Ann Daugherty gave the cash flow report (which he have formerly called the Treasurer's Report). It was accepted with gratitude. Ann will continue her training with Sarah Callbeck.
  12. The finance committee did not meet; however, they continue the process of getting all of the signature cards at the bank sorted out.

  13. M&O Committee Martha Lutz gave the attached report, explaining the request M&O is investigating on behalf of a prisoner in Washington State. She will forward M&O's request about the OWL curriculum to the education committee.

  14. Meeting Home Report Molly reported that she and Ann Daughtery met with Murphy Constructors to get a rough estimate of what it will cost to build the meeting house that Tup drew for us. We learned that \$400,000 will build the building and we need a lot of about of 0.5 acres.

  15. Nominating Committee - no report

  16. Library Report - no report, but Joyce expects to do more work in the future

  17. Old Business: none

  18. New Business:

  19. Civil Unions/Pikes Peak Interreligious Clergy Association Request for Endorsement of the Colorado Civil Unions Bill. The meeting agreed to sign a statement of support for The Colorado Civil Unions Bill. We agreed to be listed as a supporting organization. Sarah will send the letter to Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

  20. Announcements:

  21. Molly brought up the issue of Friends using the website and gaining access. Sarah is going to investigate getting passwords for the several people who want to use the password. We hope to set up a little workshop at the rise of Meeting for Worship sometime to help everyone who wants to use to use the website. Lisa suggested that we create a little sheet telling people how to get on the website.

  22. Martha had some questions about the mail. She will take on calling catalogues that we don't want to receive.

  23. Closed with silence at 12:25

Yours in the Light,

Molly Wingate

Recording Clerk